What is coupling facility structure?

In IBM System/390 and IBM Z mainframe computers, a Coupling Facility or CF is a piece of computer hardware or virtual machine that coordinates multiple processors. A Parallel Sysplex relies on one or more Coupling Facilities (CFs).

What is the purpose of a coupling facility?

A coupling facility enables software on different systems in the Parallel Sysplex® to share data with the assurance that the data will not be corrupted and will be consistent among all sharing users. To share data, systems must have connectivity to the coupling facility through coupling-facility links.

How many systems can a coupling facility cluster?

32 systems
Parallel Sysplex allows a cluster of up to 32 systems to share workloads for high performance, high availability, and disaster recovery (DR).

What is a mainframe LPAR?

An LPAR is a subset of the processor hardware that is defined to support an operating system. An LPAR contains resources (processors, memory, and input/output devices) and operates as an independent system. Multiple logical partitions can exist within a mainframe hardware system.

What is Plex mainframe?

In computing, a Parallel Sysplex is a cluster of IBM mainframes acting together as a single system image with z/OS. Used for disaster recovery, Parallel Sysplex combines data sharing and parallel computing to allow a cluster of up to 32 systems to share a workload for high performance and high availability.

What is a coupling facility related to Parallel Sysplex?

Coupling Facility In a Parallel Sysplex, Central processor Complexes (CPCs) are connected via the CF. The CF consists of hardware and specialized microcode (control code) that provides services for the systems in a sysplex. A CF runs in its own LPAR.

What is Sysplex in mainframe?

Mainframe concepts A sysplex is a collection of z/OS® systems that cooperate, using certain hardware and software products, to process work. It is a clustering technology that can provide near-continuous availability.

What is an LPAR in mainframe?

What is the difference between LPAR and VM?

Power Systems uses the term Logical Partition (LPAR), which is a vague non-descriptive term and the rest of the computing world uses Virtual Machine (VM). It is about time the “Power Guys” fell in line.

What is XCF in mainframe?

In IBM mainframes, a Cross-system Coupling Facility, or XCF, is a component of z/OS that manages communications between applications in a sysplex. Applications may be on the same system or different systems.

What is the difference between Sysplex and Parallel Sysplex?

A sysplex can be either basic or parallel. A basic sysplex can communicate using channel to channel (CTC) connections between LPARs. Parallel Sysplex uses something called a Coupling Facility (CF). Note: The Parallel Sysplex Coupling Facility can run either as a separate LPAR or within a dedicated hardware device.