What is GTP interface?

GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) is a group of IP-based communications protocols used to carry general packet radio service (GPRS) within GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G NR radio networks. In 3GPP architectures, GTP and Proxy Mobile IPv6 based interfaces are specified on various interface points.

What is GTP in Palo Alto?

GTP comprises three types of traffic—control plane (GTP-C), user plane (GTP-U), and charging (GTP’ derived from GTP-C) traffic. Enabling GTP security on the Palo Alto Networks firewall allows you to statefully inspect, validate, filter, and perform security checks on GTPv2-C, GTPv1-C and GTP-U protocol messages.

How does GTP protocol work?

A GTP tunnel is a channel between two GPRS support nodes through which two hosts exchange data. The S-GW receives packets from the user equipment and encapsulates them within a GTP header before forwarding them to the P-GW through the GTP tunnel.

What is GTP firewall?

GTP firewall aims to protect against GTP protocol vulnerabilities, fraudulent use, confidentiality breaches, DDoS attacks by malicious peers and other threats. BENEFITS. Meet growing network requirements for new applications while protecting the network and subscribers from malicious attacks via GTP interfaces.

Is GTP traffic encrypted?

Because of the many vulnerabilities in the protocol’s specifications, GTP became a prime attack target. The protocol does not support encryption, so, among other pieces of sensitive information, international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI), integrity session keys, and user data are sent in clear text.

How do I enable GTP?

Enable GTP Security.

  1. Log in to the firewall web interface.
  2. Select. Device. Setup. Management. General Settings. . Select. GTP Security.
  3. Click. OK. .
  4. Commit. the change.
  5. Select. Device. Setup. Operations. and. Reboot Device. .

What is GTP inspection?

GTP provides a tunnel control and management protocol that allows the SGSN to provide GPRS network access for a mobile station by creating, modifying, and deleting tunnels.

Why is tunneling needed between the GGSN and SGSN?

In order to reduce the load of passing the user plan data by the SGSN, the SGSN may decide to establish direct tunneling between the RNC and the GGSN.

Which interface introduces new protocol in 5G?

The NG user plane interface (NG-U) is defined between the NG-RAN node and the UPF. The transport network layer is built on IP transport and GTP-U is used on top of UDP/IP to carry the user plane PDUs between the NG-RAN node and the UPF.

What is UPF in 5G?

The User Plane Function (UPF) is a fundamental component of a 3GPP 5G core infrastructure system architecture.

Is GTP stateful?