What is my Skcc number?

My number is 2627. SKCC Straight Key Night (SKN) occurs on the first day of each month. It is not a contest so there is no need to submit logs. This operating event was inspired by the ARRL annual Straight Key Night….SKCC – Straight Key Century Club.

1.820 18.080
14.114 144.070

How do I join Skcc?

Go to our webpage at www.skccgroup.com Just click on the “Join SKCC” link there. Membership is free to licensed amateur / ham radio operators. When your membership in the Club is approved you should automatically receive an invitation to subscribe to the SKCC list/group.

What is Skcc in ham radio?

Today’s Word of the Day column focuses on another organization committed to keeping CW alive and clicking—the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC). Founded in 2006, the group boasts close to 21,000 licensed amateur mechanical-key CW operators.

Where are Vibroplex keys made?

Made in Japan. These high quality keys are superb both aesthetically and mechanically and will be a fine addition to any ham station. Vibroplex® is the exclusive USA/Canada distributor.

What is a cootie key?

Cootie or Sideswiper A “cootie” or “sideswiper” is a bit like a straight key but turned on its side so that the motion is not up and down but rather side to side. However, a cootie is at rest in the middle (where the switch is open) but can be pushed either to the left or to the right (where the switch is closed).

What is a Vibroplex key?

Vibroplex is the brand of side-to-side mechanical, semi-automatic Morse key first manufactured and sold in 1905 by the Vibroplex Company, after its invention and patent by Horace Greeley Martin of New York City in 1904.

Where are bencher keys made?

BENCHER® Morse Code keys and accessories. The Bencher BY-1 is the best selling iambic paddle in ham radio. Iambic and single lever paddles and straight keys. Made in USA.