What is product bioburden?

Product Bioburden – Medical Device. The Bioburden test determines the total number of viable microorganisms in or on a medical device, container, or component. It is performed on any product that requires control and/or monitoring of bioburden counts, usually as part of a sterilization program.

What is difference between microbial limit test and bioburden?

– Microbial Limits Test determines the bioburden of certain pharmaceutical manufacturing samples for quality control purposes. Bioburden refers to the number of microorganisms on a surface or in a solution that has not been sterilized.

What is the difference between MLT and bioburden?

Bioburden is a quantitative testing in which we only detect number of colony forming units (cfu). Microbial Limit Testing (MLT): Microbial limit testing comprises of detection of total aerobic microbial count (TAMC) and total yeast and mold count (TYMC) seperately in the material.

What is bioburden and why is it important?

Bioburden is a term used to describe the microbial numbers, or bacteria, present on a surface that has not been sterilized. Bioburden can be found on all surfaces, but medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other instruments are regulated and rely on bioburden testing in order to save lives.

How many bioburden samples are there?

It is common practice to use a sample size of between 3 to 10 items for routine monitoring of bioburden levels.

What is bioburden estimate?

In ISO 11737-1:1995 (ISO, 1995), bioburden estimation is defined as the value established for the number of microorganisms comprising the bioburden, by applying to a viable presterilization count, a factor compensating for the recovery efficiency.

What is bioburden and sterility testing?

The FDA and other regulatory bodies requires that the sterilization process be validated and these validations typically require a bioburden and sterility testing. Sterility testing and bioburden testing are also performed on devices as part of routine quality control.

Why do I need to perform bioburden testing?

With numerous sources of contamination, the bioburden of a product can fluctuate between batches, so regular, routine testing is advisable. Demonstrate microbial quality control of the manufacturing process through routine monitoring and trending (ISO 11737) Determine radiation dose for terminally sterilized product (ISO 11137)

What is bioburden and how is it introduced?

Bioburden can be introduced from the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, or be introduced via the workforce or manufacturing environment. With numerous sources of contamination, the bioburden of a product can fluctuate between batches, so regular, routine testing is advisable.

What is bioburden testing SOP?

To lay down procedure for testing of product bioburden. This SOP is applicable for testing of non-sterile bulk solution and non-sterile finished product in pharmaceutical formulation plant.RESPONSIBILITY