What is public and private key encryption discuss with example?

Public and private keys: an example Bob wants to send Alice an encrypted email. To do this, Bob takes Alice’s public key and encrypts his message to her. Then, when Alice receives the message, she takes the private key that is known only to her in order to decrypt the message from Bob.

Can you encrypt a private key with a public key?

Only the owner of the private key can encrypt data so that the public key decrypts it; meanwhile, anyone can encrypt data with the public key, but only the owner of the private key can decrypt it. Therefore, anyone can send data securely to the private key owner.

How encrypt and decrypt using public and private key in C#?

“Encrypt with public key and decrypt with private key C#” Code Answer

  1. private static string _privateKey;
  2. private static string _publicKey;
  3. private static UnicodeEncoding _encoder = new UnicodeEncoding();
  4. private static void RSA()
  5. {
  6. var rsa = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();
  7. _privateKey = rsa. ToXmlString(true);

What is a public key example?

Some well-respected examples of public private key encryption are RSA, DSS (Digital Signature Standard) and various elliptic curve techniques. At PreVeil, we use elliptic-curve cryptography’s Curve-25519 and NIST P-256.

What is the difference between public and private key encryption?

In Public key, two keys are used one key is used for encryption and another key is used for decryption. One key (public key) is used for encrypt the plain text to convert it into cipher text and another key (private key) is used by receiver to decrypt the cipher text to read the message.

How do I encrypt a public key?

How to encrypt a big file using OpenSSL and someone’s public key

  1. Step 0) Get their public key. The other person needs to send you their public key in .pem format.
  2. Step 1) Generate a 256 bit (32 byte) random key.
  3. Step 2) Encrypt the key.
  4. Step 3) Actually Encrypt our large file.
  5. Step 4) Send/Decrypt the files.

Can you encrypt with public key and decrypt with private key?

Yes you can encrypt using a private key and decrypt using a public key, do NOT hand out your private key (private keys can generate public keys, and your entire encryption system is now useless), I’m assuming you want to do something like this: Server encrypts data, sends it to clients.

What is Rijndaelmanaged encryption C#?

This class uses a symmetric key algorithm (Rijndael/AES) to encrypt and decrypt data. As long as encryption and decryption routines use the same parameters to generate the keys, the keys are guaranteed to be the same.