What is purlie musical about?

“Purlie” tells the story of Purlie, a self-taught preacher who returns to his home in the South with the intent of opening an abandoned church and ringing the bell of freedom. The problem is that Ol’ Cap’n is holding Purlie’s inheritance due to a long-lost cousin.

What play is purlie based on?

Purlie Victorious
It is based on Davis’s 1961 play Purlie Victorious, which was later made into the 1963 film Gone Are the Days! and which included many of the original Broadway cast, including Davis, Ruby Dee, Alan Alda, Beah Richards, Godfrey Cambridge, and Sorrell Booke.

Who wrote Purlie Victorious?

Ossie Davis
Peter UdellPhilip Rose

Who starred in Purlie on Broadway?

The show ultimately ran for 688 performances at three theatres. The cast included The cast included C. David Colson, John Heffernan, Sherman Hemsley, Linda Hopkins, Helen Martin, and Novella Nelson. A 1972 revival lasted just 14 performances; Encores!

When was purlie written?

PURLIE is a musical version of Ossie Davis’ play PURLIE VICTORIOUS which was written and produced in 1961 (and later made into the 1963 film GONE ARE THE DAYS!).

What year did purlie first go to Broadway?

Driven by a magnificent cast in which Cleavon Little played the title character and Melba Moore, discovered earlier in Hair, took her first starring role, it opened at the Broadway Theatre on March 15, 1970 for a long run of 688 performances.

Did Melba Moore have a drug problem?

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How old is Melba Moore today?

76 years (October 29, 1945)Melba Moore / Age

Who is Melba Moore married to?

Charles HugginsMelba Moore / Spouse (m. 1975–1991)

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