What is the best wheel cleaner to use?

Comparison of the best wheel cleaners for 2022

Best wheel cleaner Brand Name
Overall Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus
Aftermarket wheels Chemical Guys Diablo Gel Wheel Cleaner
Plasti-dipped wheels Car Guys Wheel Cleaner
Cheap Turtle Wax All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

What is the safest wheel cleaner?

Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner is acid-free and pH-neutral, making it safe to use not only on aluminum wheels but also on custom-painted rims. The spray changes color as it works and has a pleasant aroma.

What is the best cleaner to remove brake dust from rims?

We recommend a decontaminator, such as Sonax Wheel Cleaner. Spray this wheel-specific cleaner on a cool, dry wheel and wait 10 minutes or so. Though it sprays on clear, as its chemicals interact with the iron molecules in brake dust, the product’s color changes from clear to red.

How do you make alloy wheels look new again?

How to Polish Alloy Wheels

  1. Thoroughly Wash the Alloys. Before you can begin polishing alloy wheels, they must be thoroughly washed to remove any road dirt and debris.
  2. Quick Tips for Alloy Wheel Cleaning.
  3. Dry the Alloy Wheels.
  4. Apply an Alloy Wheel Brightener.
  5. Apply an Alloy Polish of Choice.
  6. Apply a Finishing Polish.

How do you remove stubborn brake dust from alloy wheels?

How To Remove Brake Dust From Wheels

  1. Make Sure Wheels/Brakes Are Cool To Touch & Out of Direct Sunlight.
  2. Rinse Wheels To Remove Heavy Dirt/Contaminants.
  3. Choose The Correct Brake Dust Cleaner.
  4. Spray Your Wheels With Brake Dust Cleaner And Wait.
  5. Gently Scrub Wheel With Soft-Bristle Brush.

Is meguiars wheel cleaner safe?

Acid free and pH balanced – Safe for all wheel finishes! Meguiar’s ® Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner delivers our most powerful cleaning performance that is also safe for all wheel and brake finishes! This advanced chemistry blends road grime attacking surfactants with active brake dust dissolving agents.

How do you remove ingrained brake dust from alloy wheels?