What is the cast of Kapil Sharma?

The Kapil Sharma Show
Starring Kapil Sharma Sudesh Lehri Archana Puran Singh Krushna Abhishek Kiku Sharda Sumona Chakravarti Bharti Singh Chandan Prabhakar Rochelle Rao
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of seasons 3

Who owns comedy nights with Kapil?

Also, according to media reports, this show is produced by Salman Khan. This show is broadcast by Sony Entertainment Television. According to media reports, The Kapil Sharma Show started on 23 April 2016. Kapil Sharma invites many Bollywood stars as guests to his show every week.

What is Kapil Sharma real name?

Kapil PunjKapil Sharma / Full name

How much Salman Khan earn from The Kapil Sharma Show?

Salman charges a tremendously hefty amount of Rs. 20 crores per episode, which makes his income to Rs. 40 crores every week, since he hosts two episodes during the weekend.

How much Kapil charge for 1 show?

Rs 50 lakh per episode
According to an ABP news report, the host of the show, Kapil Sharma charges a whooping sum of Rs 50 lakh per episode.

What is Comedy Nights with Kapil?

Comedy Nights with Kapil is a comedy show which provides a distinctive take on the everyday life of a common man as the show explores the story of every household and how our common man Kapil is affected by the simplest issues in life around him.

What happened to BUA from Comedy Nights with Kapil?

This Popular Actress played the role of ‘bua’ in the comedy show: Comedy Nights With Kapil. The actress was shooting with the cast and crew without permission. As this news came into notice strict actions were taken against the cast and crew members. Watch the video to know more in detail.

Who are the Bhojpuri Superstars on Comedy Nights with Kapil?

Superstars of Bhojpuri cinema, Ravi Kishen, Manoj Tiwari and Nirahua join Kapil Sharma in this episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil. Error: please try again. Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh appear on Comedy Nights with Kapil for the promotion of their film Gunday. Error: please try again.

Who are the actors in the TV show Kapil Mani?

The show consists of a talented cast portraying various roles starting with the wife Mrs. Sharma played by Sumona Chakravarti, the interfering Daadi played by Ali Asgar, the unmarried Bua played by Upasana Singh, an annoying servant played by Naseem Vicky, and Kapil’s secretary played by Soni Singh.