What is the difference between a template and a stencil?

As nouns the difference between stencil and template is that stencil is a utensil that contains a perforated sheet through which ink can be forced to create a printed pattern onto a surface while template is a physical object whose shape is used as a guide to make other objects.

How do I edit a Visio stencil?

Open the stencil, right-click its title, and select Edit Stencil. Right-click the shape, select Rename Master, and type a new name for the shape. Right-click the shape, select Edit Master > Edit Master Shape, and make changes to the shape.

How do I get value stream map Shapes in Visio?

Create a value stream map

  1. Click File > New.
  2. Type value stream map in the Search box, click the Start Searching button, and then double-click Value Stream Map when it appears.
  3. From the Value Stream Map Shapes stencil, drag shapes onto the page to represent your processes, information, and materials.

How do I create a stencil in Visio?

The new stencil appears in the stencils list in the Shapes window. Choose a location, and in the Save as type list, choose Visio Template (or Visio Macro-Enabled Template if you added macros to the file). Give the template a name and click OK.

How do I hyperlink to a drawing in Visio?

Link to a page or shape in a Visio drawing. Select the shape that you want to link. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, select Hyperlink. Next to Address, click Browse, and select the drawing you want to link to. Note: If you want to link to a page in the same drawing, leave the Address Next

How do I link a shape to an email in Visio?

How to Link a Shape to an Email Message in Visio 1 Select the shape that you want to link. 2 On the Insert tab, in the Links group, select Hyperlink (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+K). 3 In the Address text box, type mailto: and then add the email address for the mail message. See More….

How do I Pin a template in Visio?

Click File > Open > Recent Drawings, find your template file, then click the pin icon next to the file name. Then, every time you open Visio, the pinned template always appears at the top of the list.