What is the historical importance of the flight of the Goeben and Breslau through the Dardanelles which event did it trigger?

The pursuit of Goeben and Breslau was a naval action that occurred in the Mediterranean Sea at the outbreak of the First World War when elements of the British Mediterranean Fleet attempted to intercept the German Mittelmeerdivision consisting of the battlecruiser SMS Goeben and the light cruiser SMS Breslau.

When did the Goeben and Breslau arrive in Constantinople?

After the outbreak of World War I on 28 July 1914, Goeben and Breslau bombarded French positions in North Africa and then evaded British naval forces in the Mediterranean and reached Constantinople.

Who built the Goeben ship?

Blohm+VossSMS Goeben / BuilderBlohm+Voss, also written historically as Blohm & Voss, Blohm und Voß etc., is a German shipbuilding and engineering company. Founded in Hamburg in 1877 to specialise in steel-hulled ships, its most famous product was the World War II battleship Bismarck. Wikipedia

Why were the Dardanelles important to the Soviets?

Control of this channel meant control of Russia’s lifeline to the sea, to the West, to her allies. Because the Dardanelles were a Turkish waterway, Germany, Turkey’s ally, meant to block them and thereby to isolate and strangle the empire of the tsars [2].

Why were the Dardanelles so important to the Allies?

Dardanelles Campaign: Background The stakes for both sides were high: British control over the strait would mean a direct line to the Russian navy in the Black Sea, enabling the supply of munitions to Russian forces in the east and facilitating cooperation between the two sides.

Does the US Navy have battlecruisers?

The United States Navy began building a series of battlecruisers in the 1920s, more than a decade after their slower and less heavily armed armored cruisers had been rendered obsolete by the Royal Navy’s Invincible-class battlecruisers.

Who built the SMS Goeben?

Blohm+VossSMS Goeben / Builder

WHY IS Goeben important?

Though warships of Britain’s Royal Navy dominated that body of water, Goeben—a fast, heavily armed and relatively new vessel—was the most formidable surface combatant between the Strait of Gibraltar and the coast of Ottoman-controlled Palestine.

Why did Britain want the Dardanelles?

Russia was fighting the Ottoman Empire in the Caucasus Campaign. Nicholas hoped that British action against the Turks would relieve pressure on Russian forces in Armenia. The British agreed to help. They targeted the Dardanelles, strategically located between the Mediterranean and Black seas.

Who controls Dardanelles Strait?

the Turks
Since the 14th century the Dardanelles have almost continuously been controlled by the Turks.