What is the Hokey Cokey dance?

The Hokey Cokey (United Kingdom, and the Caribbean) also known as Hokey Pokey (South Africa, United States, Canada, Australia, and Israel) is a campfire song and participation dance with a distinctive accompanying tune and lyric structure. It is well known in English-speaking countries.

Who wrote the Hokey Pokey?

Jimmy KennedyHokey Cokey / LyricistJames Kennedy OBE, was an Irish songwriter, predominantly a lyricist, putting words to existing music such as “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” and “My Prayer”, or co-writing with the composers Michael Carr, Wilhelm Grosz, and Nat Simon, among others. Wikipedia

Where does the Hokey Pokey come from?

Composer Al Tabor was also entertaining Canadian troops in wartime London, and in 1942 he wrote a participation dance song called “The Hokey Pokey”—he said the name came from the London ice cream vendors of his youth, called “hokey pokey men.” The accompanying dance was very similar to Kennedy’s.

What drug is hokey pokey?

The Cocaine Theory The idea goes that life up in the mines was so boring that there was little else to do but sniff cocaine and, well, write songs about sniffing cocaine (the more things change…). Hence the “cokey-cokey”, which some argue actually inspired the later, much more innocent, “hokey-pokey”.

Is the Hokey Cokey banned?

The tipsy party ditty has joined the list of songs banned on the grounds of alleged sectarianism amid claims that it is a bigoted take on the Latin Mass. Some Rangers fans had opted for it following controversy over the Famine Song, which calls for those of Irish descent to go “home” now that the Famine is over.

Is it The Hokey Pokey or Hokey Tokey?

Today, the same dance is referred to as the hokey-pokey in North America, Ireland and Australia, the hokey-cokey in the United Kingdom, and the hokey-tokey in New Zealand. Hokey-pokey is occasionally seen without the hyphen, as in hokey pokey, but the Oxford English Dictionary only recognizes the hyphenated form.

Why was ice cream called hokey pokey?

According to “The Encyclopedia of Food” (published 1923, New York) hokey pokey (in the U.S.) is “a term applied to mixed colors and flavors of ice cream in cake form”. The Encyclopedia says the term originated from the Italian phrase oh che poco – “oh how little”.

How do you do the hokey pokey dance?

Follow the words, “You put your left hand in and you shake it all about.” Simply place that hand back in and shake it however much you want to. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. Follow the words, “You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around” and do the hokey pokey and turn around again.

How old is the Hokey Pokey song?

It may be based on an old British or Irish children’s song/game, but it definitely became popular (as hokey-cokey) in British music hall entertainment in the 1940s. The Hokey Pokey Dance was copyrighted in the US in the 1940s, and recorded in the 1950s as the Hokey Pokey.