What is the latest CISA Review Manual?

The 27th edition of the CISA Review Manual is the most recent edition of the manual. Therefore, it will prepare you for the CISA exam updated in June 2019.

Is CISA difficult to pass?

Though CISA exam is considered to be hard, you can clear this exam with ease if you prepare thoroughly for the exam and cover all the CISA Syllabus topics. If you have obtained thorough knowledge on CISA subject, you can pass this exam with flying colors.

What are the 5 CISA domains?

CISA Exam Syllabus: The 5 Domains

  • Information System Auditing Process (21 percent)
  • Governance and Management of IT (17 percent)
  • Information Systems, Acquisition, Development and Implementation (12 percent)
  • Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience (23 percent)
  • Protection of Information Assets (27 percent)

How do I study for CISA?

Part 1: CISA Exam Prep Tips

  1. Understand the Core Concepts.
  2. Gauge Your Existing Knowledge with Self Analysis.
  3. Design Your Study Plan.
  4. Familiarize with the Exam Question Format.
  5. Put on the ISACA Hat when Answering Questions.
  6. Analyze Your Answers and Read All Explanations.
  7. Don’t Blindly Memorize.
  8. Don’t Forget the Mock Exam.

Is CIA or CISA harder?

The CIA exam is harder in comparison to CISA. Moreover, one thing to consider is that the IT auditors are paid more in general than the Non-IT auditors.

How do I pass CISA in first attempt?

How to Pass CISA at the First Attempt?

  1. Read the ISACA’s CISA review manual, and try to understand each concept.
  2. Make notes of your concept in a notebook and review it until you become familiar and confident about the concepts.
  3. Once you are confident that you can recall and explain all the basic concepts of CISA exam.

What is CISA passing score?

450 or higher
The CISA exam is graded on a scale of 200 to 800 points. To pass, you’ll need to earn a score of 450 or higher.

Does CISA certification expire?

How long is the CISA certification good for? A full CISA renewal cycle takes three years. This means paying the maintenance fee three times (once every year), and also reporting on CPEs earning every year.

Why do people fail CISA?

Accountants spend a few semesters studying audit and then obtain extensive work experience. Many IT professionals fail the CISA exam simply because they are not well prepared for the audit component. This book was written to summarize the essential audit aspects of the CISA exam.

How many hours study for CISA?

In general, if you study for 2 to 3 hours a day, you’ll be ready to sit for the exam within 2 months. However, this varies greatly from person to person depending on how well they learn to apply the concepts and if they have any experience in the field.

What is the CISA pass rate?

Regardless, the ISACA does not release the exact figures on the CISA pass rates. Still, most experts claim that the pass rate is somewhere between 45% and 60%.