What is the Latin name for clouds?

Nimbus: The Latin word, nimbus, means ‘rainstorm’ or ‘cloud’.

What do the three Latin root words for types of clouds mean?


Cirrus From the Latin cirrus, which means a lock of hair, a tuft of horsehair, a bird’s tuft
Stratus From the Latin stratus, past participle of the verb sternere, which means to extend, to spread out, to flatten out, to cover with a layer
Cumulus From the Latin cumulus, which means an accumulation, a heap, a pile

What do altostratus clouds indicate?

Altostratus clouds are “strato” type clouds (see below) that possess a flat and uniform type texture in the mid levels. They frequently indicate the approach of a warm front and may thicken and lower into stratus, then nimbostratus resulting in rain or snow.

Why do clouds have Latin names?

Howard named the clouds for their Latin named counterparts. Cumulus is Latin for “Heap;” Stratus is “Layer;” Cirrus is Latin for “Curl of Hair.” Since clouds are constantly moving and changing in our atmosphere, Howard also included types for transition purposes.

How are altostratus clouds formed?

How do altostratus clouds form? Altostratus layers are often composed of both water and ice and usually form when a layer of cirrostratus descends from a higher level. The Sun often cannot cast shadows when shining through altostratus clouds.

What are the 4 cloud prefixes?

You should also be able to describe the meaning of the prefixes cirro, alto, cumulo, and nimbo (and the suffix nimbus) in order to decipher common cloud names.

Which cloud has a Latin root meaning rain?

Nimbus is an ancient Latin word meaning “rain storm.” Rain or nimbus clouds tend to appear dark gray because their depth and/or density of large water droplets obscures sunlight.

How do you pronounce altostratus?

Phonetic spelling of altostratus

  1. al-to-stra-tus.
  2. al-toh-strey-tuh s. Eve Romaguera.
  3. alto-stratus. Jena Crist.

What does altostratus clouds look like?

Altostratus clouds are mid-level, gray or blue-gray clouds that usually cover the whole sky. The Sun or moon may shine through an altostratus cloud, but will appear watery or fuzzy. If you see altostratus clouds, a storm with continuous rain or snow might be on its way.

What is cirrus in Latin?

Etymology. From Latin cirrus (“curl”).

What is an altostratus cloud?

Definition of altostratus : a fairly uniform mid-altitude layer of gray cloud darker than cirrostratus — see cloud illustration Examples of altostratus in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Mid-level clouds are usually gray and are identified as either altocumulus, altostratus, or nimbostratus.

What is the difference between altostratus and Stratus?

Altostratus clouds are higher in altitude though, which means they won’t touch the ground or mask the tops of tall buildings like a stratus cloud would. When deciding between these clouds, if you’re able to see further off in the distance, chances are likely that you’re looking at an altostratus cloud.

What is the abbreviation for altostratus?

Abbreviation: ………… Altostratus can be abbreviated as As Roses are red, and everyone likes freebies, but altostratus clouds have no associated cloud species. While altostratus and altocumulus clouds are found at the same altitude, altostratus clouds are generally a featureless layer, where altocumulus clouds typically have plenty of features.

What is the difference between cirrostratus and altostratus nimbostratomutatus?

Mutatus mother clouds: Cirrostratus can thicken into altostratus cirrostratomutatus, usually ahead of an approaching disturbance. Nimbostratus associated with an organized weather system may lift and change into altostratus nimbostratomutatus, especially if the disturbance is weakening or moving out of a particular area.