What is the meaning of a lollapalooza?

one that is extraordinarily impressive
Definition of lollapalooza : one that is extraordinarily impressive also : an outstanding example.

Where did the term lollapalooza originate?

Lollapalooza was begun in 1991 by Jane’s Addiction leader Perry Farrell as a multicity venue for his band’s farewell tour. Farrell claimed that he chose the festival’s name—an archaic word meaning “extraordinarily impressive”—after he heard the word used in a Three Stooges film.

How do you use the word lollapalooza?

Lollapalooza in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The exceptional music performance was a lollapalooza that stood out amongst all of the other acts.
  2. A three-day lollapalooza will be held at the grand hotel, offering guests an experience like no other.

What does the word Palooza mean?

A wild, crazy & extravagant party.

What is lollapalooza Effect?

A lollapalooza effect is an extreme outcome. That’s it. Charlie Munger coined the term after studying the three main psychology textbooks. He noticed that the famous psychological experiments—like Stanley Milgram’s experiment about authority bias—failed to consider the other biases at play.

What’s another word for lollapalooza?

There isn’t an exact synonym for lollapalooza—and perhaps there shouldn’t be! But, if you need something shorter or easier to spell, try marvel, wonderment, spectacle, or paragon.

What is Lollapalooza Effect?

What’s another word for Lollapalooza?

Is palooza a real word?

Palooza definition (neologism) An exaggerated event.

What does CARB A Palooza mean?

Forms the name of a promotional event such as a presentation. Etymology: By analogy to Lollapalooza, a music festival, from lallapalootza. -a-paloozasuffix. Emphasizes or exaggerates the element of a situation. Etymology: By analogy to Lollapalooza, a music festival, from lallapalootza.

What is Lollapalooza like?

Lollapalooza is a monster of a music festival, attracting nearly 100,000 attendees per day. All of these people are congregated in Grant Park in downtown for Chicago, and the surrounding area. This is a lot of people in a fairly limited space.

What is a razzle dazzle?

Definition of razzle-dazzle 1 : a state of confusion or hilarity. 2 : a complex maneuver (as in sports) designed to confuse an opponent. 3 : a confusing or colorful often gaudy action or display.

How does the Lollapalooza effect work?

All these psychological tendencies work at a subconscious level. If these cognitive biases combine, the result could be a lollapalooza effect. The subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-08 is a textbook example of the lollapalooza effect.

Is Lollapalooza just a music festival?

It’s not just a music festival. Charlie Munger, an American businessman, investor, and partner of the legendary Warren Buffett, coined the term “Lollapalooza effect” during a 1995 Harvard speech, in which he reviewed numerous causes of human misjudgment.

Where did the term Lollapalooza originate?

Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist Rube Goldberg may have contributed to the popularity of this term with “Lala Palooza,” one of his cartoon characters from the 1930s. Recent Examples on the Web Worries about Trump’s button finger were seeping out of Washington even before the book lollapalooza.

What is lallapalooza in poker?

Occasionally, it has been used as a gambling term for a made-up hand used to trick an inexperienced player-but primarily the term is used in a way very similar to humdinger and doozy. It is spelled in a number of ways. Lallapalooza, lalapalooza, and lollapaloosa are among the variants, and in the past it was sometimes lalapaloozer.