What is the meaning of Try A Little Tenderness?

First popularized by Bing Crosby in 1933, this paternalistic ballad about the power of male affection to revive female morale had been covered by Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke in the years preceding Redding’s version.

Did Otis Redding wrote Try a little tenderness?

Harry M. WoodsTry a Little Tenderness / ComposerHenry “Harry” MacGregor Woods was a Tin Pan Alley songwriter and pianist, he was a composer of numerous film scores. Wikipedia

Who first performed Try A Little Tenderness?

It was first recorded on December 8, 1932, by the Ray Noble Orchestra, with vocals by Val Rosing. Another version, also recorded in 1932, was made by Charlie Palloy & his Orchestra. Ted Lewis (Columbia 2748 D) and Ruth Etting (Melotone 12625) had hits with it in 1933.

What movie is the song Try a Little Tenderness in?

The CommitmentsTry a Little Tenderness / Movie

What is the feeling of tenderness?

Tenderness is a feeling of concern, gentle affection, or warmth. It’s the quality of a person who cries when they see someone get hurt or who gently picks up a tiny kitten.

What year did Otis Redding release Try a little tenderness?

1966Try a Little Tenderness / Released
Blessed with soul Stax released Try A Little Tenderness through its Volt subsidiary on 14 November 1966. It hit No. 25 in the US early the following year and became a staple of Redding’s live show as well as the key track on his album Complete And Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul.

When was Try a Little Tenderness written by Otis Redding?

Harry M. WoodsTry a Little Tenderness / Composer

Who wrote try some tenderness?

How can I make my girlfriend tender?


  1. T: Tender actions mean being gentle with the ones you love.
  2. E: Emotional communication truly comes from the heart, with no thought of winning or taking control.
  3. N: Notice how your mate is feeling.
  4. D:
  5. E: Easy does it.
  6. R: Respond with consideration rather than condemnation.
  7. N: Never be mean to your mate.