What is the meaning of uncontentious?

Definition of uncontentious : not apt to arouse argument or conflict : not contentious an uncontentious issue an established and uncontentious fact.

What word means each day?

Everyday is most commonly used as an adjective meaning daily or, in a more figurative sense, ordinary, as in an everyday occurrence. The phrase every day means each day—it functions as an adverb to describe how frequently an action is done, as in I try to exercise every day.

Is Good day 1 word?

Good evening is two words, just as you have written it. Good morning, good afternoon and good day all are two words. However, goodbye usually is treated as one word, and sometimes it is hyphenated: good-bye.

What is the Webster’s Word of the Day?

Word of the Day: Conclave. Merriam-Webster.

Which is the closest synonym for the word contentious?

Some common synonyms of contentious are bellicose, belligerent, pugnacious, and quarrelsome. While all these words mean “having an aggressive or fighting attitude,” contentious implies perverse and irritating fondness for arguing and quarreling.

What is tomorrow’s Word of the Day?

mollify. play. to soothe in temper or disposition.

Is Thank you one word?

In fact, you will know that this is two separate words, if you use the full sentence which is hidden underneath – ‘I thank you. ‘ From this comes the shortened version which we hear daily – ‘thank you’. It is always two words because it is the contracted version of – ‘I thank you.

Is Goodmorning and goodnight one word?

Staying In-Sync with “Good Morning” and “Good Afternoon” While Oxford has accepted both “goodnight” and “good night” into the English vocabulary, “good night” offers a sense of consistency to the language. Accepting “goodnight” means we must also accept “goodmorning” and “goodafternoon,” which we all know is false.

What is the opposite of pugnacious?

Opposite of naturally aggressive or hostile. peaceable. agreeable. amiable. compliant.