What is the name of the Marine base in San Diego California?

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton The US Marine Corps’ prime amphibious training base on the west coast, Camp Pendleton is home to the I Marine Expeditionary Force. Amphibious and sea-to-shore training takes place at several key points along the base’s 17 miles of coastline.

Where are Marines stationed in San Diego?

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton occupies approximately 125,000 acres, with more than 17 miles of coastline, in northwestern San Diego County.

How do I send a letter to the Marines?

Deployed Marines can send letters (in a letter size envelope) to the United States without postage; they write “Free Mail” at the top where you would normally put a stamp. Deployed Marines DO need to affix postage to anything they send to the U.S. that is NOT in a letter size envelope.

How many Marine bases are there in San Diego?

There are 9 Military Bases in San Diego County, California, serving a population of 3,283,665 people in an area of 4,206 square miles.

Where are Marines stationed in California?

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Near Oceanside, California in the United States
Marines hiking at Camp Pendleton during 2014
MCB Camp Pendleton Location in the United States
Coordinates 33°12′53.1″N 117°23′15″W

Can you visit Miramar base?

Entering MCAS Miramar and Base Amenities. Guards will conduct a 100% ID check at all gates. All visitors must have a valid military ID or proceed to the visitor control center for a pass.

Is Camp Pendleton for Marines only?

About Camp Pendleton Camp Pendleton is one of the Department of Defense’s busiest installations and offers a broad spectrum of training facilities for many active and reserve Marine, Army and Navy units, as well as national, state and local agencies.

How do I send mail to a Marine base?

How do I format a military address?

  1. The full name of the addressee. Mail sent without a full name will not be delivered.
  2. The unit or Post Office box number.
  3. A three letter code associated with the type of location. APO is used for Army and Air Force installations.
  4. The “state” of the addressee.

How do you address a letter to someone in the military?

To correctly address Military Mail, please include:

  1. Name of the recipient (rank/grade/rating is optional)
  2. Include the:
  3. For FPO addresses aboard a United States Navy or United States Coast Guard vessel, use the ship’s name and hull number.
  4. The recipient’s Military Post Office Box number.

Where do military live in San Diego?

Otay Ranch is currently the most extensive residential development in San Diego. The suburb is highly recommended for military personnel who are looking of large houses. This neighborhood boasts of mountainous surrounding and fresh breeze from the ocean.