What is the new tallest building in Nashville?

Tallest buildings

Name Rank Year
AT Building 1 1994
Four Seasons Hotel and Residences 2 2021
505 3 2018
Bridgestone Tower 4 2017

Does Nashville have any skyscrapers?

This list of tallest buildings in Tennessee ranks skyscrapers in the U.S. state of Tennessee by height. Since 1970, all five tallest buildings statewide have been in Nashville. Currently nine out of the ten tallest buildings are in Nashville.

How tall is the tallest building in Nashville?

617 ft

Rank Name Height
1 AT Building 188.1 m / 617 ft
2 Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences 164.2 m / 539 ft
3 505 159.1 m / 522 ft
4 Fifth Third Center 149.4 m / 490 ft

How many tall buildings are in Nashville?

High-rise buildings first appeared in Nashville with the construction of the First National Bank Building, now the Downtown Courtyard Hotel, in 1905; this building rises 168 feet (51 m) and 12 floors. As of February 2021, there are 162 completed high-rises in the city.

How many floors is 505 Nashville?

46505 Nashville / Floors
505, the elegant 45-story skyscraper, is downtown Nashville’s premier address. A floor-to-ceiling, curved façade glass tower composed of incredibly upscale apartments, condominiums, & penthouses, 505 is in the heart of the city’s vibrant downtown area.

How many floors is the Batman Building in Nashville?

33AT Building / Floors

The AT Building (formerly the South Central Bell Building and BellSouth Building, also colloquially known as the Batman Building or Bat Building) is a 617-foot (188 m), 33-story skyscraper completed in September 1994 and located in Nashville, Tennessee.

What’s the tallest hotel in Nashville?

Nashville’s newest and tallest hotel, the glassy oval-shaped JW Marriott downtown, bustled with activity on Tuesday, during its first full week of operation.

Who built 505 Nashville?

developer Tony Giarratana
The 505 tower, by Nashville developer Tony Giarratana, is the most ambitious bet on the city’s residential growth. The 524-foot-tall tower contains 543 units, which is 126 more than the next-largest apartment or condo building.

Can you visit the Batman Building in Nashville?

The tallest building in Nashville overall is the AT tower, otherwise known as “the Batman building.” It sits at 617-feet tall. For pricing, 360 tours and floor plans of the 505 tower, visit their website.

Who owns the bat Building in Nashville?

AT Building (Nashville)

AT Building
Owner Pitney Bowes (1994–2006) Cerberus Capital Management (2006–2007) MTL Leasing (2007–present)
Antenna spire 617 ft (188.1 m)
Roof 452 ft (137.8 m)

How many floors is the 505 Building?

46505 Nashville / Floors

How tall is the 505 Building in Nashville?


What are the names of the tallest buildings?

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