What is the problem in Hunger Games Catching Fire?

major conflictHaving angered the Capitol at the end of the previous novel, Katniss struggles to keep her loved ones and herself safe as an undercurrent of rebellion grows in Panem and she finds herself fighting for her life again in the 75th Hunger Games.

What is the main problem in the Hunger Games?

Panem Conflict The large-scale conflict in “The Hunger Games” centers on the oppression of the citizens of Panem in a dystopian society. Katniss’ story is symbolic of the struggles of peasants to break free from a system that dehumanizes people and restricts their desire for freedom and a humane standard of living.

What is the main problem Katniss faces in Hunger Games?

Katniss Everdeen is up against a number of external conflicts in “The Hunger Games.” including the fight to feed her family, the fight against the oppressive society in which she lives, and the fight against other competitors to survive during the Games.

What is the climax of Hunger Games Catching Fire?

Climax. The climax occurs when Johanna and Katniss take the coil down to the lake and Katniss jams the wire into the force field and it blows up.

What’s the setting of Catching Fire?

District 12 and the Quarter Quell Arena.

What is the main conflict?

The main conflict in a story may be external (between characters and other characters or characters and their environment) or internal (a struggle within) or may combine external and internal elements. This primary conflict is typically what drives action towards the story’s climax.

What is the internal conflict in Hunger Games?

Internal conflict in The Hunger Games Katniss struggles with her feelings for both Gale and Peeta, she struggles with the insecurity of her family’s lives back home and she struggles with the idea of killing another young person in the arena.

What does Katniss sacrifice in Catching Fire?

She is making a double sacrifice: one for her sister, the other for her community. District 11 acknowledges Katniss’s gesture with a sacrifice of their own: a loaf of bread. What does the bread symbolize?

What happened in the end of Catching Fire?

The movie ends with Haymitch and Plutarch Heavensbee being able to get Katniss and Finnick out of the arena, but President Snow has Peeta and Johanna. Katniss is so angry because her plan the entire time was to die in the arena so that Peeta could get out alive.

What was Katniss internal conflict?

What is the resolution of Catching Fire?

At the end of Catching Fire, Katniss, Beetee, and Finnick are all rescued from the Third Quarter Quell arena.