What is the song Cherry Bomb by the Runaways about?

According to Songfacts, “cherry bomb” is a small explosive device popular with kids, but in the context of this song, it means an underage girl who is lots of trouble — in this case taunting her parents and other adults with suggestions of promiscuity and bad behavior.

What movie was Cherry Bomb by the Runaways in?

The Runaways’ version of “Cherry Bomb” was used in the TV film Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway (1976) as well as the cult classic film Dazed and Confused (1993), and was featured on the latter film’s soundtrack album.

Why is it called Cherry Bomb?

“Cherry Bomb” was written by Runaways manager Kim Fowley and guitarist Joan Jett for the group’s self-titled debut album. The title is a play on the name of their lead singer Cherie Currie, who was just 16 when this song was released.

Does Tyler like Cherry Bomb?

Tyler, The Creator Says ‘Cherry Bomb’ Is Personal Favorite Of His Albums. But he believes ‘Flower Boy’ is his best. In a new interview with Fantastic Man, Tyler, The Creator revealed that among his releases, his third LP Cherry Bomb is his personal favorite.

Who is Samg Cherry Bomb?

Runaways UKCherry Bomb / Artist

Who are the cherry bombs?

The Notorious Cherry Bombs
Years active 1980–1988, 2003–2004
Labels Universal South
Associated acts Emmylou Harris
Past members Eddie Bayers Richard Bennett Tony Brown Rodney Crowell Hank DeVito Vince Gill Emory Gordy Jr. John Hobbs Larrie Londin Michael Rhodes

How old is Cherri Bomb from Hazbin hotel?


My Rating
Shipped With Sir Pentious
Status Active
Gender Female
Age 20’s

Was Kim Fowley a predator?

Stories of debauchery have long circulated around the late Los Angeles rock impresario Kim Fowley. This past week, though, a violent new chapter was alleged when the former bass player for the Runaways, Jackie Fuchs, told the Huffington Post that Fowley raped her when she was 16 years old.