What is the status of Vontaze Burfict?

Burfict is currently a free agent. He signed with the Bengals as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He became a Pro Bowler in his second season and quickly became one of the NFL’s best linebackers. His play dropped off due to various injuries and suspensions.

Is Burfict still suspended?

The NFL reinstated linebacker Vontaze Burfict last month, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported on Monday’s edition of NFL Now.

Is Vontaze Burfict retired?

He was released from the Bengals in 2018 and signed by the Oakland Raiders in 2019, only to be cut by them after the season. Burfict remains a free agent and does not look like he will ever play in the NFL again.

Who did JuJu hit on Burfict?

linebacker Vontaze Burfict
A writer who has covered the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2002 reported via Twitter that the Cincinnati Bengals entered Monday night’s 27-17 win against the Steelers at Paul Brown Stadium intending to “put some big hits” on JuJu Smith-Schuster because some on the team “still harbored bad feelings” from Smith-Schuster’s …

How long is Vontaze Burfict out for?

The NFL reinstated Vontaze Burfict last month after his 12-game suspension, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

What team is Vontaze Burfict on 2021?

Colts. Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict is likely to be suspended for his helmet-to-helmet hit that had him ejected from Sunday’s game vs.

Will Shazier ever play again?

As His Father Watched, Ryan Shazier Announced the End of His Football Career. The emotional visit home, as the one-time Steelers star linebacker came to terms with the fact that he won’t return from the spinal cord injury suffered in 2017.

Has there ever been a deaf NFL player?

The most recent deaf NFL player is Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks. He made major news as the team triumphed in the Super Bowl. Since both of his parents were born with a missing hearing gene, Coleman lost his hearing early on in life, but did not let that stop him.