What is the theme of Gang Leader for a Day?

Gang Leader for a Day is an inside view into the morally ambiguous, highly intricate, often corrupt struggle to survive in an urban war zone. It is also the story of a complicated friendship between two young and ambitious men, a universe apart.

Who is C note in Gang Leader for a Day?

A “regular” squatter and “hustler” in Robert Taylor, C-Note gets his name from his ability to make “one hundred dollars” in “a hundred ways.” C-Note’s hustles including fixing cars and appliances, though he sometimes runs afoul of JT’s control if he doesn’t pay sufficient “tax” to the BKs to continue his operations.

Who is Ms Bailey in Gang Leader for a Day?

Ms. Bailey is the president of the tenants association in one of the project buildings, and the tenants’ representative to the city government; she secures new doors for broken-down apartments, and convinces local stores to donate food for children left hungry by drug-addicted parents.

What did Sudhir Venkatesh learn?

Sudhir is university student studying Sociology.

What did Venkatesh study?

Now a professor of sociology at Columbia University, Venkatesh ventured into Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes housing project in the 1990s to do research for his doctorate. He befriended the leader of the Black Kings, one of the country’s largest and most violent crack-dealing gangs, and led the group for a day.

Who is Ms Bailey?

Bailey Character Analysis. A nominally elected local figure and representative for tenants’ rights in Building A of the Robert Taylor Homes, Ms. Bailey has a great deal of power in allocating resources for families living around her.

What was the aim of Venkatesh study?

In 1989 Sudhir Venkatesh, a graduate student at the University of Chicago, entered the Lake Park housing project armed only with a questionnaire and a desire to learn more about the lives of the people who lived in “The Projects” (the general name given to Public Housing provision across the USA).

What did Venkatesh do?

ABOUT SUDHIR VENKATESH He is a researcher and writer on urban neighborhoods in the United States and France. He is also a documentary filmmaker and a frequent commentator on National Public Radio. His first book, American Project: The Rise and Fall of a Modern Ghetto, also explored life in Chicago public housing.

What are the Black Kings?

Black Kings (and Queens) Ruled Parts of Europe For Almost 700 Years. History confirms that the Moors ruled in Europe — primarily Spain and Portugal — for almost 700 years. They were known for their influence in European culture, but not many people know that the Moors were actually Europeans of African descent.

What was Venkatesh’s initial research question?

His research began the first day he arrived with his clipboard of questionnaires ready to ask the question, “How does it feel to be black and poor?” His intent was to interview a few families within the projects and then go home but something unexpected happened.

Where did Sudhir Venkatesh undertake his research?

Sudhir Venkatesh
Scientific career
Fields Sociology, social economics
Institutions Columbia University; Facebook
Thesis American project: a historical-ethnography of Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes