What is userAccountControl in LDAP?

User-Account-Control Attribute Flags that control the behavior of the Microsoft Active Directory user account. User-Account-Control Attribute has a dynamic computed Attribute MsDS-User-Account-Control-Computed but the attribute’s value can contain additional bits that are not persisted.

What does userAccountControl 544 mean?

UserAccountControl value 544 means that the account is enabled but must to change password on next logon.

What does userAccountControl 512 mean?

A userAccountControl value of 544 is 512 + 32, which means NORMAL_ACCOUNT + PASSWD_NOTREQD , probably because it doesn’t have a password when you created it. You can’t set it to 512 if it doesn’t have a password. Setting the password has to be done in a second step, after you create the account.

What is the active value of UserAccountControl in AD?

UserAccountControl values Typical user: 0x200 (512) Domain controller: 0x82000 (532480) Workstation/server: 0x1000 (4096)

What is a UAC value?

Old UAC Value [Type = UnicodeString]: specifies flags that control password, lockout, disable/enable, script, and other behavior for the user account. This parameter contains the previous value of userAccountControl attribute of user object.

How do I change userAccountControl 544?

To change the UAC , follow the steps :

  1. run the adsiedit. msc in Run ( on DC )
  2. Connect the Default Naming Context.
  3. Browse the required user which you have want to change.
  4. riqht click and choose properties and browse the UseraccountControl attribute.
  5. set the 512 instead of 544.

What is UAC value 0x10?

New and Olad UAC values meaning : 0x10: Account Enabled. 0x11: Account Disabled. 0x210: Account Enabled, Password Never Expires.

What is UAC value 0x11?

New and Olad UAC values meaning : 0x10: Account Enabled. 0x11: Account Disabled.