What kind of IC is the 7400?

The IC 7400 is a 14-pin chip and it includes four 2-input NAND gates. Every gate utilizes 2-input pins & 1-output pin, by the remaining 2-pins being power & ground. This chip was made with different packages like surface mount and through-hole which includes ceramic (or) plastic dual-in-line and flat pack.

How many NAND gates are there inside IC 7400?

The number of pins a logic IC may commonly have are 14 or 16. A 7400 consists of four NAND gates, with 2 input pins and 1 output pin for each of the gates, and also a pair of pins for the power supply inputs, pin 14 and pin 7.

What is the function of 7 and 4 number pin of IC 7400?

The IC 7400 consist of four NAND Gates. The NAND Gate is also called Universal Gate….Pin Description of IC 7400:

Pins Description
Pin 4 Input(A) of NAND Gate 2
Pin 5 Input(B) of NAND Gate 2
Pin 6 This pin provides the Output(Y) of NAND Gate 2
Pin 7 Ground Pin which used to provide the power supply to the IC.

Where is IC 7400 used?

7400 IC is the most widely used TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) device in the world. It contains four independent two-input NAND gates. Its popularity is based on the fact that any logic gate function can be created using only NAND gates.

What is the difference between LS and HC IC?

The main difference between the LS and HC is the logic of 74XX. The 74LS is Transistor to Transistor logic. Uses Shottky transistors to reduce the stored charge and get higher switching speeds then with conventional bipolar transistors. The 74HC uses MOSFET technology.

What is the difference between the 7400 series AND the 5400 series?

The main difference between the two was the temperature range; 5400-series devices generally operated from -55 to 125C, while the 7400 parts, housed in inexpensive plastic packages, were rated from 0 to 70C.

What is the 7400 series of integrated circuits?

The 7400 series contains hundreds of devices that provide everything from basic logic gates, flip-flops, and counters, to special purpose bus transceivers and arithmetic logic units (ALU). Specific functions are described in a list of 7400 series integrated circuits.

What is the 7400 TTL logic family?

For part numbers in this section, “x” is the 7400-series logic family, such as LS, ALS, HCT, AHCT, HC, AHC, LVC, NOTE: in past decades, a number of AND-OR-invert (AOI) parts were available in 7400 TTL families, but currently most are obsolete.

What voltage do I need for a 7400?

All the circuits work using a 4.5 V or 6 V DC supply however the typical voltage can be 5 volts. A mains driven 5 V regulated supply can be obtained through a number of options. The 4 gates of a 7400 are exactly the same with their specs:

How to check if a 7400 IC is working?

In order to check a 7400 IC, you can apply power across pins 14 and 7. Keep pins 1 and 2 connected to positive supply, this will show the output as 0. Next, without changing pin 2 connection, connect pin 1 to 0 volts. This will enable the inputs to become 1, 0. This will cause the output to turn 1, illuminating the LED.