What positions can an ER70S 6 electrode be used for?

Crown ER70S-6 is widely used in frame fabrication, automotive structures, farm implements, construction equipment, pipe fabrication, railcar construction and repair, sheet metal work and general fabrication. Above parameters are for flat and horizontal fillet positions.

How many kg is a box of welding rods?

8 packet per box. 45 piece per packet. 1 Packet Weight- 3.5 kg.

What do the letters and numbers mean in ER70S 6?

70 indicates in 1000 psi increments the minimum tensile strength of the weld metal produced by the electrode when tested according to the specification. In this case, 70 indicates 70,000 psi. S indicates that the filler metal wire is solid. 6 indicates the chemical composition of the solid filler metal wire.

What can I weld with ER70S-6?

MIDALLOY ER70S-6 welding wire is designed for the GMAW and GTAW welding most carbon steel materials. Normal applications include structural steel, carbon steel plate, pipe, fittings, castings and forgings. The as-welded filler metal deposit exhibits adequate strength and hardness and may not require PWHT.

How do I calculate how much welding rod I need?

1 Calculating Filler Metal Consumption The number of pounds of welding electrodes or welding wire necessary to complete a given weld joint may be calculated by the formula: P = WL E Where: P = Pounds of electrode or wire required W = Weight per foot of weld metal L = Length of weld (feet) E = Deposition efficiency …

What gauge is 2.5 mm welding rods?

Online Customization

Product Name esab gauge to mm 2.5mm 3.15mm 4mm welding rod price list
Grade E6010, E6011, E6013, E7018 j7014
Feature No Smoking
OEM Accepted
Safe Note the electrode must be kept dry. If it gets wet, it must be dried in a rod oven before use.

What ER70S-6?

Pinnacle Alloys ER70S-6 is a premium carbon steel electrode formulated for welding carbon steels with a yield strength range of 55,000-70,000 psi. Pinnacle Alloys ER70S-6 is well suited for steels containing medium to high levels of mill scale and mild amounts of contaminants.

What does ER70S-6 mean in welding?

As an example, for a commonly used solid wire — AWS ER70S-6 — the “ER” indicates that the filler metal is an electrode or rod; the “70” signifies that it has a tensile strength of 70,000 pounds per square inch (psi); and the “S” means that it is a solid wire.