What Radio Does Civil Air Patrol use?

VHF Radio (Mobile) 3,820.

Which channels in CAP owned corporate VHF FM radios are nationally standardized?

All corporate VHF radios are mandated to have the following frequencies assigned to channels 1 – 4:

  • Channel 1 – 148.1500 MHz, simplex 100 Hz PRI.
  • Channel 2 – 148.1250 MHz, simplex 100 Hz SEC.
  • Channel 3 – 148.1375 MHz, simplex 100 Hz G/G.
  • Channel 4 – 149.5375 MHz, simplex 100 Hz A/G.

What is the Air Force Auxiliary?

The Civil Air Patrol is a federally chartered non-profit corporation that is also the Air Force auxiliary. CAP’s mission is supporting America’s communities with emergency response, diverse aviation and ground services, youth development and promotion of air, space and cyber power through aerospace education.

When would you use the VHF FM radio?

MF/HF Radiotelephone Your VHF radio is intended mainly for short range communications, generally 5-10 miles, and at least 20 miles to a USCG station. To communicate at longer ranges, you will normally need a satellite telephone or an MF/HF marine radiotelephone.

What organization assigns CAP its radio frequencies?

Civil Air Patrol Communications Program All equipment operates on federal frequencies assigned to CAP, and is compliant with National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) standards and thus capable of inter-operability with military and federal agencies.

What do you say during radio check?

INITIATING A RADIO CHECK The person initiating a radio check should say: • The callsign of the station being called. The words “THIS IS.” • The callsign of the station calling. The prowords “RADIO CHECK” (meaning, “What is my signal strength and readability? How do you hear me?”)

What organization regulates the radio frequencies that CAP uses?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency of the United States federal government that regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable across the United States.

What do you do if you hear another agency using our assigned channels when you are not expecting it?

What do you do if you hear another agency using our assigned channels when you are not expecting it? Don’t interfere, be prepared to assist them if they ask for help, and advise your wing communications staff.

Is Civil Air Patrol considered military?

CAP membership does not equate to membership in the military. CAP is a private, non-profit humanitarian organization, which is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force.