What Reine means?

the queen
French phrase. : the queen wills it —used for royal consent to a public law.

What is Royal called in French?

Qui appartient ou qui est relatif à un roi….adjective.

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• royal → royal ↔ koninklijk

Is the word princess French?

princess → princesse. princess → princesse, gamine, gosse, môme, fille, cotchine, bien-aimée….Cross Translation:

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• princess → princesse ↔ prinses — de hoogste adellijke titel van een vrouw of meisje

What does the name Raine mean?

she is singing; queen
Raine as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Raine), is a variant of Raina, Rani (Hebrew, Sanskrit) and Regina (Latin), and the meaning of Raine is “she is singing; queen”. On This Page: Popularity Trend Chart. Related Baby Names Lists.

What does Riene mean?

noun. queen [noun] a woman who rules a country, who inherits her position by right of birth.

What is Prince called in French?


‘prince’ also found in translations in French-English dictionary
le prince Charles exp. Prince Charles
prince royal n. crown prince
île du prince édouard n. Prince Edward Island
Île-du-Prince-Édouard n. Prince Edward Island

What is higher than a queen?

The title of Emperor/Empress (who rules over an Empire) is widely regarded as the highest ranking Monarchial title, King/Queen (who reigns over a Kingdom) is a lesser title than Emperor but still ranks above any other title.

What is the Latin name for princess?

The meaning of the name is “princess” and is a very nice choice for your baby girl. The feminine version of the Roman Latin name, Camillus. According to mythology, this was the name of a warrior maiden.

How do you spell a queen in French?

The wife or widow of a king. A woman sovereign.

  • Something having eminence or supremacy in a given domain and personified as a woman: Paris is regarded as the queen of cities.
  • ( Abbr. Q) Games.
  • The fertile,fully developed female in a colony of social bees,ants,or termites.
  • A mature female cat,especially one kept for breeding purposes.
  • Offensive Slang.
  • How to Say my Queen in French?

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    How do you Say Queen in French?

    Meanwhile Kate has also emerged as a matriarchal figure within the royal family in more recent years. The funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh was a solemn occasion for the royal family to reunite amid the coronavirus pandemic, with all senior royals rallying around the Queen in her moment of need.

    How to say King and Queen in French?

    What a difference a decade makes! As Kate Middleton turns 40, how she went from a ‘nervous’ royal newlywed at 30 to a stylish and ‘confident’ queen-in-waiting 10 years later – and experts say the ‘best is yet to come’ Kate Middleton celebrates her 40th birthday tomorrow – and she has transformed in the past decade