What size jets does a Holley carb have?

Holley jets range in size from 40 to 99, with the stock jet size differing based on the carburetor model and engine application. Holley manufactures each carburetor with a set of jets that will allow the carburetor to perform well at sea level and around 70 degree air temperature.

What size jets are in a Holley 750 double pumper?

Re: holley 750 D.P. A 750 4779 carb runs best with right around 70 primary jets with a 6.5 power valve and 80 secondary jets and no power valve.

What is the difference between Holley 4150 and 4160?

These two are very similar with the primary difference that the 4150 uses a thick metering block in both the primary and secondary while the 4160 is shorter in length and uses a thin, metering plate on the secondary side.

What is the standard jet size on a Holley 4160?

0.061 inch
061″ Jet size. 1/4-32 Thread. Sizes from 40-110. Fits All Holley Model 2010, 2300, 4010, 4011, 4150, 4160 & 4500….Features:

Brand Holley
Jet Size 0.061 inch
Product Type Standard Main Jet
Warranty Limited 90 Day
UPC 090127021545

What size jets come in a Holley 850 double pumper?


Barrels 4
Model 4150
Primary Main Jet 80
Primary Power Valve 6.5
Primary Pump Nozzle Size 31

How many jets are in a Holley double pumper?

We Suggest. The Holley jet assortment kit is the professional way to track-tune your Holley carburetor for top performance. This kit consists of two (2) each of thirty-six (36) different jet sizes, ranging from #64 to #99.

How do I choose the right size jet?

Consult your manual first to find the stock size. Also pay attention to the numbers on the side of your old jets, which you’ll be able to see in the steps to come. A larger jet number means a bigger hole and more fuel. A smaller jet number has smaller holes and should be used if your engine needs to run more lean.