What size washers are used in the game?

Usually metal or plastic, washers are thin, disk-shaped plates that have a hole in the middle. The size varies, but game pieces are typically two to two-and-a-half inches in diameter with a one inch hole in the middle. Most games use four washers per team – although some variations use three – for a total of eight.

What is the distance for pitching washers?

The game field consists of two washer pits, each containing one recessed cup of 4 inches in diameter. The distance from the cup centers is 25 feet. Each player throws three washers toward the opposite cup. Players are not allowed to step in front of the box.

Where did the game washers originate?

Washers is a game invented at the Falcon Bronze playground in Youngstown, Ohio in 1931. Iron washers are pitched into holes or cups spread 20 feet apart, following rules similar to horseshoes.

How do you play 3 hole washers?

Each player will throw their washers from the same side, to the opposite board. The first player will throw their 3 washers; the second player will then throw their 3 washers to complete one round. After all washers have been tossed, and scores are noted, players will move to the opposite board to continue play.

How many washers are in the washer game?

Players alternate throwing their washers until all 8 have been thrown. The team who wins the points will throw first the next round. (see scoring below).

How do you set up a washer pit?

The boxes are placed in the yard with the cups 21 feet apart. Your teammate stands opposite you at the other box. The first player (Player A) stands next to the box and tosses their four washers (one at a time) to the opposite box followed by Player B.

How do you play Texas washers?

The object of the game is to toss your 4 washers one at a time from one pit to the other with the goal of tossing the washer into the recessed cup – this is called a ringer. Scoring is based on the team that throws the washer closest to the hole. If you get a ringer you get 5 points.

How do you play washers in Texas?

How big is the hole in a washer board?

Washer pits and boxes vary in size and shape, but a standard for one-hole washers is 16 by 16 by 4 inches (410 mm × 410 mm × 100 mm), with a cylindrically-shaped cup ( 41⁄2 in [110 mm] in diameter and 5 in [130 mm] in height) located in its upper surface.

What is the best way to throw washers?

Toss the washer towards the opposite box so it lands close to the cup. Have each player toss a washer at the box before checking whose is the closest. The person whose washer is the closest to the cup gets to go first. This initial throw is also known as a “diddle.”