What time do Northwestern decisions come out?

Here’s When Students Can Expect to Receive Regular Admission Decisions

School Regular Decision Notification Date
Northwestern University March 25, 2022
Occidental College By April 1
Oberlin College March 19, 2022 at 12pm ET
Pitzer College By April 1

Are Northwestern University decisions out?

We’re eager to release decisions for #NU2026 Early Decision applicants this Friday, December 17! A message for our prospective #NU2027 applicants and transfers: Northwestern will extend its test-optional policy through the 2022–23 admissions cycle. See our FAQs for more info admissions.northwestern.edu/faqs/standardi…

Does Northwestern University have rolling admissions?

When will I be notified of Northwestern’s decision? Decisions are made on a rolling basis after the application deadline. Northwestern will not review your application for admission until we have received all required admission items.

Does Northwestern University Send likely letters?

We believe that a number of other competitive colleges and universities will also be actively recruiting these stellar students. The Admissions Office sends “likely letters” so that we do not have to wait until official notification letters are mailed to begin recruiting these individuals.

How many deferred applicants are accepted Northwestern?

Some schools like Northwestern University only defer about 1-2% of their applicants, whereas Georgetown University defers everyone who isn’t accepted early.

Does Northwestern look at demonstrated interest?

Northwestern University weighs “demonstrated interest” in the admissions process. Therefore, you will be judged on whether or not you made a campus visit (in non-pandemic times) contacted an admissions officer, etc.

Do all Northwestern applicants get interviews?

Given the limited availability of alumni volunteers, it is not possible for us to offer interviews to all applicants. Interviews are not a required component of the application, therefore applicants who are unable or choose not to interview are not at a disadvantage in the admission process.

Does a likely letter guarantee admission?

Does a Likely Letter Guarantee Admission? While a likely letter doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive an acceptance letter, it’s pretty close to a guarantee. Keep your grades up, don’t get suspended or arrested, and you will almost certainly receive good news from the college that sent you the likely letter.

When do northwestern decisions come out?

You will be notified of your admission decision in mid-December for Early Decision I applicants, mid-February for Early Decision II applicants, and by April 1 for Regular Decision applicants. Is Northwestern test optional 2022? Northwestern will be test optional for first-year and transfer applicants for the 2021-22 cycle.

Does northwestern have early action?

Northwestern Mutual BrandVoice | Paid Program. The window for applying early decision and early action has already closed, so now you might be weighing your chances on regular admission

When does northwestern release decisions?

First, some basic timelines. Early Decision (ED): Common Application or Coalition Application due Nov. 1; decision by mid-December. Regular Decision (RD): Common Application or Coalition Application due Jan. 3; decision by late March. Northwestern is also a QuestBridge partner school, and our Quest Scholars community is one of the largest in the country.

What are the admission requirements for Northwestern?

You are unable to take the GRE/GMAT test due to COVID-19 restrictions (please note Medill does accept the at-home versions of these tests)

  • You have a final,cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale or you are a senior with a current GPA of 3.5 or above;
  • You have earned a master’s or doctorate degree;