What was the theme tune to Howards Way?

Always There –
Always There – Vocal Theme from the Original TV Series “Howards’ Way” – song by Marti Webb, Simon May | Spotify.

Why did Howards Way end?

The series suffered the tragic loss of its leading actor when Maurice Colbourne, who played Tom Howard, died of a heart attack in 1989 aged just 49. Episodes of the fifth series were hurriedly rewritten to explain the character’s absence before finally killing him off at the beginning of the sixth and final series.

Who wrote Howards Way?

Gerard Glaister

Howards’ Way
Main title caption
Genre Drama
Created by Gerard Glaister Allan Prior

When did Howard’s Way start?

September 1, 1985Howards’ Way / First episode date
Howards’ Way was on air from 1 September 1985 to 25 November 1990 and attracted up to 14 million viewers each week.

Where did they film Howards Way?

The fictional village of Tarrant was in fact Bursledon, near Southampton – even the train station was re-named for filming. The BBC wardrobe, make-up and technical vehicles used the train station car park as a base when shooting in the village.

What was the name of the boat in Howards Way?

Sea Gypsy
The boat – still called Sea Gypsy – is currently kept at Val Wyatts, in Wargrave on the Thames. The current owner of the boat, Tony Revell, told MBM, “I bought Sea Gypsy in November 2009.

Who composed the Black Beauty theme?

Denis KingBlack Beauty (“Galloping Home”) / Composer

Where was the Black Beauty series filmed?

The series, which was filmed mainly at Stockers Farm, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

How many series of Howards Way were there?

BBC Radio Solent Special Howards’ Way: A South Coast Saga Howards’ Way Photo Album. Pictures of the cast from all six series of the popular Sunday evening show.

Was Howards Way filmed in Lymington?

The giant ‘gin palace’ motor cruisers summed up the conspicuous consumption and flashy wealth of the 80s – the marina scenes in Howards’ Way were filmed around Hamble and Lymington.

What is the main theme of Black Beauty?

Horse Care, Abuse, and Neglect Black Beauty, the story of the titular equine protagonist’s life in Victorian England, is in many ways a study in what constitutes proper horse care—and the various ways that people can abuse or mistreat horses, accidentally and on purpose.