What was the theme tune to Karate Kid?

“You’re the Best” is a song performed by Joe Esposito and written by Bill Conti (music) and Allee Willis (lyrics), which came to prominence as the music to the All-Valley Karate Championships montage in the 1984 movie The Karate Kid in which the protagonist, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), proves a surprisingly …

Who wrote Peter Cetera Glory of Love?

Peter Cetera
Diane NiniDavid Foster
Glory of Love/Composers

What songs were in The Karate Kid 2010?

The Karate KidThe Karate Kid / Soundtrack

Is you’re the inspiration in Karate Kid?

The song “You’re the Inspiration” by Chicago plays in the car while Daniel talks his wife. The song is sung by Peter Cetera, who also sang the song “Glory of Love” from Karate Kid 2.

What’s the song at the end of Cobra Kai?

The winner: “Breakin’ Outta Hell” by the Australian rock band Airbourne.

Who did The Karate Kid soundtrack?

Bill Conti
Soundtrack. The musical score for The Karate Kid was composed by Bill Conti, a frequent collaborator of director John G. Avildsen since their initial pairing on Rocky (1976).

Who sang that’s the story of that’s the glory of love?

Bette MidlerThe Glory of Love / Artist

Who is the original singer of Glory of Love?

“Glory of Love” is a 1986 song performed by Peter Cetera, which he wrote and composed with his then-wife Diane Nini and David Foster. The song was recorded by Cetera shortly after he left the band Chicago to pursue a solo career.

What is the song at the beginning of Karate Kid 2010?

The official theme song to the film is “Never Say Never”, a song written by Adam Messinger, Justin Bieber, Travis Garland, Omarr Rambert, and others, and produced by The Messengers (Adam Messinger and Nasri Atweh). It is performed by Bieber and Jaden Smith. The music video was released on May 31, 2010.

Who wrote the song you’re the inspiration?

David Foster
You’re the Inspiration/Composers

What Chicago album is you’re the inspiration on?

Chicago 17 (Expanded Edition)You’re the Inspiration / Album