What were Lindy Thackston symptoms?

In early 2020, Lindy Thackston started having stomach cramps, blood in her stool and lower back pressure. Doctors suspected she had colitis and ordered colonoscopy. Due to COVID-19, the screening was canceled three times.

Does Lindy Thackston have cancer?

Thackston was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer that has spread to her lungs in late September, months after completing chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. She’s been sharing her experiences with viewers since May 2020, opening up about the numerous surgeries, emergency room visits and rounds of chemotherapy.

Can you tell if you have cancer from stool?

Research shows the stool DNA test is effective at detecting colon cancer and precancerous polyps. A positive test result usually requires a colonoscopy to examine the inside of your colon for polyps and cancer.

What kind of stool do you have with colon cancer?

Diarrhea: Caused by an overflow of intestinal fluid around a partial obstruction. Alternating constipation and diarrhea: A more telling sign of colon cancer. Blood in stool: Also known as hematochezia, which can be bright red if the tumor is near the rectum or dark red or maroon if higher up in the colon.

Do polyps show on CT scans?

A CT Colonography doesn’t require sedation and is just as accurate at detecting most precancerous polyps. For a traditional colonoscopy, a doctor inserts a flexible metal tube with a camera on the end into the colon through the rectum.

Who left Fox 59?

As he starts a new streaming show at CNN, the longtime TV anchor reflects on his decision to leave Fox News after 18 years.

What kind of cancer did Lindy Thackston have?

Last year, Lindy was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in May. She had 5 surgeries, 15 radiations, and 25 rounds of chemotherapy. Lindy came back to work in May of this year, but she recently learned the cancer metastasized to her left lung and she will need surgery to remove it.

Who is leaving FOX59 news?

Fanchon Stinger signs off one final time, retiring from broadcast news after nearly 30 years. INDIANAPOLIS — Today is bittersweet at FOX59, as we say goodbye to Fanchon Stinger after nearly 12 years on the anchor desk while cheering her on for the chapter ahead.

What does colon cancer poop look like?

Colon cancer can cause bleeding in the digestive tract and make your stool a dark brown, maroon, or black.

What does cancer poop look like?

Blood from higher up in the bowel doesn’t look bright red. It goes dark red or black and can make your poo look like tar. This type of bleeding can be a sign of cancer higher up the bowel. Or it could be from a bleeding stomach ulcer for example.