What were the 2011 England riots?

Ten years ago this week, riots spread across London and other major English cities, sparked by the death of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by police in Tottenham on 4 August 2011. The riots – the biggest in modern English history – lasted for five days and swept the capital, from Wood Green to Woolwich.

What sparked the Brixton riots?

The Brixton riots of 1995 began on 13 December after the death of a black 26-year-old, Wayne Douglas, in police custody. Douglas had allegedly robbed a couple in bed at knifepoint hours earlier. Trouble broke out after what had been a peaceful protest outside the Brixton Police Station where the death occurred.

When did London riots happen?

August 6, 20112011 England riots / Start date

Who was Mark Duggan?

Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old Black British man, was shot and killed by police in Tottenham, North London on 4 August 2011. The Metropolitan Police stated that officers were attempting to arrest Duggan on suspicion of planning an attack and that he was in possession of a handgun.

What happened England 2011?

26 March – hundreds of thousands of people marched in London against government budget cuts with the protests later turning violent. The 2011 United Kingdom census was conducted. A 47-year-old taxi driver, Christopher Halliwell, was charged with the murder of Sian O’Callaghan.

What happened in the 2011 London riot?

The 2011 England riots, or London riots, took over the capital following a protest over the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan. Mr Duggan was shot by police in Tottenham on Thursday, August 4, 2011 after undercover officers forced the minicab he was travelling in to pull over.

How many died in the Brixton riots?

It resulted from racist discrimination against the black community by the mainly white police, especially the police’s increased use of stop-and-search in the area, and ongoing tensions resulting from the deaths of 13 black teenagers and young adults in the suspicious New Cross house fire that January.

When was the last riots in England?

The 2011 England riots, more widely known as the London riots, were a series of riots between 6 and 11 August 2011….

2011 England riots
Arrested 3,000+
Damage 2815 homes, businesses attacked