When did the song My Own Worst Enemy come out?

March 1999
“My Own Worst Enemy” is a song by the American rock band Lit. It was released in March 1999 as the lead single from Lit’s second album, A Place in the Sun, which was also released that year. The song was only moderately successful at first, reaching number 17 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart on February 27, 1999.

Who is the lead singer of lit?

A. Jay PopoffLit / Lead singer

Was my own worst enemy on Guitar Hero?

“My Own Worst Enemy” is a song by Lit which is the only disc song in Rock Band 2 to be a 1st tier song for all instruments. including Band. It is often selected when playing a full band game with newbies. It also has a very easy guitar solo (some are still easier however)….My Own Worst Enemy.

Band 1

Who said your worst enemy is yourself?

Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche: “But the worst enemy you can meet will always be…”

Who wrote the song My Own Worst Enemy?

A. Jay Popoff
Jeremy Popoff
My Own Worst Enemy/Composers

Is Lit country now?

The band moved away from the style featured on that album and moved to a pop punk and power pop style on their album A Place in the Sun. Lit has been mainly described as alternative rock and pop punk. Lit also has been described as post-grunge. They moved to country sound with the band’s 2017 album These Are the Days.

How old is a Jay Popoff?

48 years (September 19, 1973)A. Jay Popoff / Age

Is my own worst enemy a cover?

Two members of the rock band Lit surprise a country singer covering their late ’90s hit “My Own Worst Enemy” onstage in Nashville, Tenn., the rockers joining in on the tune to the delight of onlookers. That’s what’s shown in a TikTok video that’s gained nearly four million views since it was shared on Monday (Nov.

What does we are our own worst enemy mean?

to cause most of your problems or most of the bad things that happen to you yourself, because of your character: Carrie is her own worst enemy – she’s always arguing with people. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Causing difficulties for oneself or others.

Why are you the worst enemy about yourself?

Putting Yourself Down Not believing in yourself can create doubts. The belief that you can’t do something or even do it more successfully than other people around you, is a reason one could consider them self their own worst enemy.

What does it mean to be your own worst enemy?

What genre of music is my own worst enemy?

Considered pop punk, power pop and alternative rock, “My Own Worst Enemy” is, according to Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff, “the result of waking up and realizing you screwed up the night before”.

How many times has “my own worst enemy” been covered?

“My Own Worst Enemy” has been covered thousands of times over the last twenty years. The band shared their favorite versions are the little kids jamming out in their garage.

Is “my own worst enemy” double platinum?

“My Own Worst Enemy” was officially certified double platinum in the United States by the RIAA on May 8 of this year. “When we wrote it, I don’t think we had any idea what was about to happen,” Jeremy continued. “We could have never fathomed how long it would last, or stay relevant through now, going on its third decade.”

What was the line in I am my worst enemy?

One day, he happened to scribble down a few lines on the bench seat of his old Cadillac: “It’s no surprise me I am my worst enemy / ‘Cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me.” When they met up at their warehouse in Anaheim that night, he brought the paper to the rest of the group.