When should I use 12-2 wire?

12/2 wires work great for lighting but you can also use them for hot water heaters and refrigerators. But there’s a catch – 12/2 wires can’t be used with a voltage of more than 30 volts. So don’t be too greedy and use them for purposes that exceed the limit.

What is 14 2 wire commonly used for?

general lighting and receptacle circuits
14-2 Used for general lighting and receptacle circuits. 15-amp circuit maximum. 14-3 Used for three-way switches and split receptacle circuits.

Can you use 12-2 wire for a whole house?

Yes, it is okay to use 12-2 cable to supply lighting fixtures. The other answer indicates that it even with 12-2 you have to use a 15A breaker for lighting circuits which is not strictly correct. If the entire circuit is 12AWG (other than fixture wires), then a 20A breaker may be used.

Can 14 2 be used for outlets?

You can use 14/2 wire for outlets as long as the outlets are on a 15-amp circuit. If the outlets are on a 20-amp circuit, 14/2 wire is not sufficient. You will have to step up to 12/2 wire for all outlets on 20-amp circuits.

What wire should I use for outlets?

What Size Electrical Wire Should I Use When Wiring an Electrical Outlet (Receptacle)? For a 15-Amp circuit use #14 copper wire (or #12 copper-clad aluminum wire). The fuse or circuit breaker feeding this circuit is rated for 15 amps. For a 20-Amp circuit use #12 copper wire (or #10 copper-clad aluminum wire).

Does a bathroom Need 12 2 wire?

You must use 12AWG with a 20A breaker for this run. Your “half-bath” is still a bathroom by the NEC’s definition, as it has a toilet and a basin aka sink: Bathroom.

What type of wire is used for electrical outlets?

Most household outlet circuits are either 15-amp or 20-amp 120-volt circuits. A circuit controlled by a 15-amp circuit breaker calls for 14-gauge NM cable and a receptacle rated for 15 amps. A circuit powered by a 20-amp circuit breaker calls for 20-amp receptacles, and it is wired with 12-gauge NM cable.

Can I use 14 gauge wire for a ceiling fan?

The main obstacle to installing an adjustable switch is the electrical run: Standard lighting or fans require 12-2 wire, and adjustable switches require 12-3 wire (14-gauge wire can also be used).