Where can I park for the NYC Marathon?

Parking Near NYC Marathon Finish Line

Parking Garage Marathon Day Rate
5 W 65th St. Valet Garage $25
20 W 64th St. Valet $25
15 W 72nd St. Valet $52
16 W 73rd St. Valet $52

Does the NYC Marathon go through Central Park?

The Marathon in Central Park After a quick tour of the Bronx, the marathon course take runners down 5th Avenue along Central Park on the right and reenters the park at 90th St.

Can you drive in NYC during the marathon?

The New York Marathon is difficult to run, but it is also quite a challenge to avoid it if you want to move around the city. You must be aware which roads are closed to be able to plan alternative routes. The 26.2-mile course is completely off-limits to vehicular traffic during the race.

How do you cross the park on a marathon day?

Here are some ways you can maneuver around the park on race day:

  1. Crossing Park Drive (where the runners will be) is prohibited, but you can get across the busy road by going underneath it.
  2. Get a spot in the park between East 90th and East 86th streets.
  3. Park Drive below East 72nd Street gets crowded.

Can you wear a hydration vest in the NYC Marathon?

According to NYRR rules, “Weight vests and any vests with multiple pockets, especially those that can be used as a water reservoir” are not allowed.

Is Central Park closed during marathon?

The marathon usually takes place the first weekend in November. During this time, large sections of the park are closed to pedestrians to accommodate the race.

Can you walk in Central Park during marathon?

The biggest crowds on the course line the streets on First Avenue, giving the runners a boost as they head toward the Bronx. After you see your runner go by, you can walk west to 5th Avenue or Central Park to catch him again before they finish.

What does it mean when a sign says no parking?

As a general rule, a red sign is a poison to the parking public. It says NO PARKING, NO STANDING, or NO STOPPING… Keep driving! ANY TIME If a sign has one “except,” and you’re driving a private passenger vehicle, it means, move along, little doggie. For example, a common “except” is No Standing “except” commercial vehicles.

How long does it take to run the New York Marathon?

The 26.2-mile course takes runners through all five boroughs: start in Staten Island, followed by Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, before finishing back in Manhattan in Central Park. The City of New York recommends taking public transportation to the start of the race in Staten Island.

What time can I Park in the car park on Sundays?

Only commercial vehicles can park between the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM on Monday through Friday. All MOTOR VEHICLES may PARK ON MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY BEFORE 10 AM AND AFTER 4 PM.