Where can you fish for perch in Maryland?

Three Top Maryland Perch Fishing Hotspots

  • The Choptank and Tuckahoe Rivers. The Choptank and the Tuckahoe (a tributary to the Choptank), are famous for their spring perch runs –and this spring both will be swarming with yellow perch (followed shortly by the whites).
  • The Magothy River.
  • Creeks of the Potomac River.

What is the limit on yellow perch in Maryland?

Chesapeake Bay Seasons, Sizes & Limits

Species Minimum Size Limits Creel Limit
Walleye 15 inches Daily—5
Weakfish 13 inches Daily—1
White Perch None if caught with hook and line; 8 inch minimum if caught with other gear None
Yellow Perch 9 inches Daily—10

Where can I find yellow perch?

Yellow perch often like areas with a mixture of rocks, gravel and aquatic vegetation, and they hunt near the bottom more often than not. Drop-offs and shallow reefs surrounded by deeper water are great places to find perch.

When can you catch yellow perch in Maryland?

Yellow perch fishing starts in November and continues into March. After the yellow perch spawn in early March, they scatter and are harder to find. In the meantime, fun fishing can be had from piers and boats.

Are perch running in Maryland?

There is plenty of good fishing out there now; the yellow perch runs will start soon and the trout program is stocking generous numbers of fish at a location near you.

What do you use to catch yellow perch?

The best bait for yellow perch is live minnows, crayfish, mealworms, or nightcrawlers. Yellow perch also love the eyes and jaw meat of other fish, even their own kind. Live bait or fresh cut-bait is best, but artificial lures such as small jigs and in-line spinners can be very effective.

What fish are running in Maryland?

Maryland Fishing Report – May 5 The trout put-and-take areas have been generously stocked and blue catfish and northern snakeheads are very active.

What is the best time of the year to catch yellow perch?

Perch are active all year round, so you can technically fish them at any time of year. However, the period from late summer through early spring is the best time to catch perch. X Research source . During warmer weather, perch are found in shallower waters. In the winter, they go deeper.

What’s the best bait to catch yellow perch?

Are yellow perch running in Maryland?