Where is Funding Circle located?

San Francisco, CA
Company Description: Funding Circle Usa, Inc. is located in San Francisco, CA, United States and is part of the Nondepository Credit Intermediation Industry.

What is Funding Circle USA?

Funding Circle is a global lending platform where investors lend directly to small businesses in the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands. Funding Circle has originated £13.1 billion+ of loans to 118,000+ businesses creating an estimated 135,000 jobs.

Are Funding Circle in trouble?

Funding Circle has announced that it is permanently closing its retail platform to new investors. The news came as the company revealed pre-tax profits of £64.1 million in 2021, up from a loss of £108.1 million in 2020 in a strong set of full-year results.

Can Funding Circle take my house?

If you have a Funding Circle business loan, then the debt can be enforced against your personal property, as we could seek a fixed charge over your property to secure the total debt owed and, if applicable, to support any payment plan.

Who owns Funding Circle?

Funding Circle HoldingsFunding Circle / Parent organization

Is Funding Circle A legitimate lender?

Funding Circle is a legitimate marketplace lender that connects business owners with a number of financing products. The platform is BBB-accredited and is an approved SBA lending partner.

Who is behind funding circle?

Funding Circle now operates across the US, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, and employs more than 1,000 people. Apart from its human and social impact, Funding Circle is a fast-growing company in its own right. It was founded in London by three university friends, Samir Desai, James Meekings and Andrew Mullinger.

Is Funding Circle a lender?

Funding Circle is a peer-to-peer business lender that acts like a matchmaker, connecting small businesses with investors that can help with financing.

Why has Funding Circle stopped lending?

Lending platform Funding Circle has announced plans to shutter its peer-to-peer lending platform, which had paused its activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the maximum amount you can borrow Funding Circle?

between $25,000 and $500,000
You can borrow between $25,000 and $500,000 with a loan from Funding Circle. You may be able to take out an additional loan once you’ve made six consecutive on-time payments on the first loan. However, the minimum loan amount is still $25,000 and your total combined debt can’t be above $500,000.

What fees are charged to the borrower in Funding Circle?

What fees do you charge? Funding Circle charges a 1.00% servicing fee, which is applied as a 1/12th of 1% (0.083%) monthly fee on the unpaid principal balance of outstanding loans. This fee is assessed by Funding Circle Notes Program and is deducted from borrower payments on the loans underlying your Notes.

How do Funding Circle make money?

How does Funding Circle make its money? When businesses take a loan through Funding Circle, we charge a one-off completion fee. For investors lending through Funding Circle, we charge an annual 1% servicing fee.