Where is Phoenix Nights filmed?

Filming location As well as being set in Bolton, Phoenix Nights is also filmed in the area. The location for the club itself is St Gregory’s Social Club on Church Street in Farnworth, a few miles from Bolton.

Where was that Peter Kay Thing filmed?

Set in and around Bolton, each episode functions as a self-contained documentary following a different set of characters, many of them played by Kay.

How many series of That Peter Kay Thing are there?

That Peter Kay Thing is a series of six spoof documentaries shown on Channel 4 in January 1999. Set in and around Bolton, these follows the lives of different characters and stars Peter Kay as the subject of each documentary.

Where is the real Phoenix Club?

If you think Garlic bread is the future, then head to Farnworth. St Gregory’s Social Club is the real life setting for the Phoenix Club – home of Channel 4 comedy, ‘Phoenix Nights’. The comedy was a springboard for the careers of local comedians Peter Kay, Dave Spikey and Paddy McGuiness.

What is the Phoenix Club at Harvard?

The Phoenix – S K Club is one of six male final clubs at Harvard College, which traces its earliest roots to 1895. It consists of an undergraduate body of male upperclassmen at Harvard College who are not members of any other Final Club and alumni members.

Why is the back window dirty in Car Share?

Producer Gill Isles responded on Twitter to revealed the real reason, explaining: “For those asking, the rear windscreen is always dirty for a boring continuity reasons.” And this makes complete sense.

Is Forever FM real?

Yes, Forever FM, the fictional station that provides the soundtrack to John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh’s (Sian Gibson) burgeoning friendship/romance in Peter Kay’s Car Share is to become an actual broadcast station, playing the kind of eclectic pop hits of the 80s, 90s and 00s heard in the BBC comedy.

Is Phoenix Nights on Netflix UK?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to stream Phoenix Nights in the UK right now, as the series isn’t available on any UK streaming services. If you want to watch the series, you will have to pick it up on DVD for now!

Is that Peter Kay Thing on Netflix?

That Peter Kay Thing featuring Neil Fitzmaurice and Paddy McGuinness is not currently available to stream, rent, or buy in the UK but you can track it for updates in the UK. It’s a comedy series with 6 episodes over 1 season. That Peter Kay Thing is no longer running and has no plans to air new episodes or seasons.

Who plays the psychic in Phoenix Nights?

Clinton Baptiste is a comedy character played by Alex Lowe. He is a clairvoyant, medium and psychic best known for his appearances on Peter Kay’s award winning Phoenix Nights.

Is Phoenix Club at Harvard Real?