Where is Rooster Teeth located?

Austin, Texas
Rooster Teeth

Type Subsidiary
Founded April 1, 2003
Founders Burnie Burns Matt Hullum Geoff Ramsey Jason Saldaña Gus Sorola Joel Heyman
Headquarters Stage 2, Stage 4, Stage 5, Bungalow A; Austin Studios, Austin, Texas , U.S.
Number of locations 8 (2018)

Who is the CEO of Rooster Teeth?

Matt Hullum
Matt Hullum serves as the CEO / President of Rooster Teeth. Alan Abdine serves as the Senior Vice President of Business Development of Rooster Teeth.

Did Rooster Teeth change offices?

The company then changed its name to Rooster Teeth. In the year 2014, the company moved over to a new office with a two-year lease at Austin Studios, and the same year, the company was acquired by Fullscreen. The company started competing with other services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and even HBO as well.

Why did Adam get fired from Funhaus?

The Achievement Hunter and Funhaus hosts reportedly sent inappropriate unsolicited photos to fans. Rooster Teeth members Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic have both been dismissed from the video production company after explicit photos they reportedly sent to fans leaked online.

Who died from Rooster Teeth?

Oum began working for Rooster Teeth, serving as the lead animator for Red vs. Blue, and creating the original animated series RWBY. Oum suffered from a severe allergic reaction and fell into a coma in January 2015. He died on February 1, 2015 in Austin, Texas.

Are Gavin and Megan still dating?

She has been in a relationship with Gavin Free since 2013.

Are Geoff and Griffin still together?

Ramsey married his second wife, Griffon Ramsey, in 2005. They have a daughter named Millicent. In November 2017, Griffon confirmed on Twitter that the two were in the process of a divorce. Geoff announced the following April that he was divorced in a video on the Let’s Play channel on YouTube.