Where is the flow switch on a Jacuzzi hot tub?

You’ll need to remove the front panel to see the flow switch, which is located just to the upper right of the control box a few inches from the heater.

How do you unlock a Jacuzzi hot tub?

Tap the settings button (the cog outlined in red). Tap the “>” next to “Lock”. If there is a lock engaged, the button will be orange. Click the “temp”, “spa”, or “service” button along the top of the screen to unlock.

What does FL1 mean on a Jacuzzi hot tub?

flow switch is malfunctioning open
FL1/FL2. This code means any of the following: the flow switch is malfunctioning open (FL1) or closed (FL2), the filter cartridge needs to be changed or cleaned, or there is an “air lock” condition at the circulation pump intake.

Why is my Jacuzzi not working?

Hot tub jets that are not working can be caused by air leaks, clogged drain covers, low water levels, dirty filters, bad pumps, improper jet adjustment, closed valves, electrical problems, clogged pump impeller, and issues with the hot tub controls. These issues should be troubleshot carefully.

How do I fix error code on Jacuzzi FL1?

If the FL1 error goes away after removing the filters, it is possible that your filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Clean and/or purchase new filters. Reinstall the clean or new filters into the hot tub.

How do you reset the FL1 code on a Jacuzzi hot tub?

Solution A: Increase the hot tub water level Switch off the power and remove the filters. After 20 minutes, switch the power back on and run the spa/jets without the filters to see if it clears the flow issue. If the flow clears, switch off the power again, replace the filter and then switch on the power.

What is the jacuzzi premium Sta manual?

The Jacuzzi Premium STA Manual has been designed to help you control the overall cost of service by focusing on the three important aspects of your job outlined above. The STA will help you fi x your customer’s hot tub quickly, fi x it well, and use fewer parts.

What to do if your jacuzzi ozone is not working?

One is to change the fi lter cycle periods so that they do not coincide with the hottest time of the day and peak power consumption hours. Another is to ventilate the equipment bay. Call Jacuzzi Premium Technical Support for advice on this matter. Page 44: Ozonator Not Working 8.13 Ozone not working Diagnostic Tools: Clamp-on ammeter and voltmeter.

What should I look for when buying a jacuzzi?

The fi rst thing to look for is an obvious obstruction, remembering (while not likely) that it is possible for a small object to work its way into the plumbing where it will not be obvious. Page 49: A7.0 Understanding Ozone “fresh-as-all-outdoors” smell. Jacuzzi Premium offers a type of ozone system, the corona discharge (CD).