Where is Tiger Den at Comerica Park?

Comerica Park features five premium seating areas. The Tiger Den was the first of its kind in baseball. Located at the upper rows of the lower bowl, it resembles the fashionable boxes at old-time sporting venues with moveable chairs. A private Tiger Den lounge is available for patrons.

What used to be where Comerica Park is?

the Detroit College of Law
Construction on Comerica Park began in October, 1997. It was built on the former site of the Detroit College of Law. On April 11, 2000, Comerica Park hosted its first Major League game, officially replacing Tiger Stadium as the home of the Tigers.

Where did the Tigers play before Comerica Park?

Founded in 1894, the Tigers had played at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull Avenues in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood since 1896, when Bennett Park opened. In 1911, new Tigers owner Frank Navin ordered the construction of a new ballpark to be built on the same site.

How much are Tiger Den tickets at Comerica Park?

Tickets here, depending on the game, range from $90 (Premium) to $85 (Regular) to $77 (Value). For a unique seating choice just a little cheaper than an On-Deck Circle ticket, strongly consider the Tiger Den seats.

Where are the best seats at Comerica Park?

The bests in the house at Comerica Park for a Detroit Tigers game are the On-Deck seats (rows 1-12), located in front of sections 120-135. Although these seats are not padded, they offer in seat service (you still need to pay for food) and access to the Tiger Club and Den Lounge.

When did the Tigers move to Comerica Park?

The Tigers moved to the newly constructed Comerica Park for their 2000 season, leaving Tiger Stadium unused.

Who owns Comerica Park?

Detroit/Wayne County Stadium AuthorityComerica Park / Owner

What are Tigers den seats at Comerica Park?

The Tiger Den Seats, are located in rows A-H around sections 120-135. These seats are padded with large area, and provide access to the club and lounge. The Club Seats are located behind the Tiger Den Seats, and are padded.

What is the playing field layout at Comerica Park?

Also of note, the current layout of the playing field at Comerica Park means that when a player is at bat, the direction he is facing looks farther to the south than at any other Major League Baseball park.

What is the capacity of Comerica Stadium?

While Comerica has since moved its headquarters to Dallas, the bank still retains a large presence in the Detroit area. The stadium’s seating capacity is 41,083.

What is the difference between Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park?

Except for dead center field—420 feet (128 m) versus Tiger Stadium’s 440 feet (134 m)—the outfield dimensions were more expansive than those at Tiger Stadium. This led to complaints from players and fans alike. Most famously, Bobby Higginson sarcastically referred to the venue as “Comerica National Park”.

Does Comerica Park have a retail store?

Comerica Park has a large selection of hats, apparel, outerwear, programs, yearbooks and novelties throughout the stadium. There are seven walk-in stores, and one walk-up store including a Team Store next to Gate B as well as eight retail kiosks within the stadium.