Where should I go for my honeymoon in October?

Now let’s have a look at some of the best honeymoon destinations to visit in October:

  • St. Lucia.
  • Tahiti. Looking for an exotic island with incredible beaches and crystal clear waters?
  • Seychelles.
  • Thailand.
  • Kenya.
  • Philippines.
  • Zambia.
  • South Africa.

Which is the most beautiful country for honeymoon?

Presenting the best honeymoon destinations outside India to plan an incredibly romantic vacation that’ll make sure you have unlimited memories:

  1. Mauritius. Honeymoon Style: Relaxing.
  2. Phuket and Krabi. ​​Honeymoon Style: Fun/Party.
  3. Bali. Honeymoon Style: Culture/Adventure.
  4. Lucerne and Paris.
  5. Maldives.
  6. Greece.

Where is warm in October for a honeymoon?

For more beach honeymoons, it might be off-season in the Caribbean but in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius (27ºC, 8 hours of sun), the Seychelles (29ºC, 7 hours of sun) and the Maldives (30ºC, 8 hours of sun) are all perfect in October.

Where is the most romantic place in Europe?

Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Europe

  1. Venice, Italy.
  2. Mont Saint-Michel, France.
  3. Santorini, Greece.
  4. Prague, the Czech Republic.
  5. Bruges, Belgium.
  6. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  7. Hallstatt, Austria.
  8. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.

What is the most romantic city in Europe?

Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

  • Prague. The Czech Republic’s capital mesmerizes with a beauty that rivals Paris but an atmosphere that’s uniquely its own.
  • Florence.
  • Santorini.
  • Paris.
  • London.
  • Barcelona.
  • Rome.
  • Vienna.

What’s the Weather like in Santorini in October?

October in Santorini is a relatively hot and dry month. Temperature can be anything between 15-25 degrees Celsius (or 65-80 Fahrenheit) and it will be sunny most of the times. Sometimes the temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celsius.