Where was it staged of Daragang Magayon?

Daragang Magayon Cantata (Stage Performance) Lennox Theatre, Parramatta. April 29 2006 : Western Sydney Aurora Festival. Digital file not available.

Who kidnapped Daragang Magayon?

Pagtuga kidnapped Magayon’s father, Makusog, and asked Magayon to be his wife so he’ll set Makusog free. Panganoron knew about the situation so he asked his warriors to join him in the war with Pagtuga in the mountains. The war was fierce and breathtaking.

What does Magayon mean?

meaning beautiful
“Magayon” (meaning beautiful)

What stories legends myths about Mayon?

The myth of the creation of Mayon Volcano is as heated as the heart of the peak itself, with a plot involving star-crossed lovers, and a tragic ending leading to the rise of the jewel of Albay. Legend has it that a beautiful maiden, Magayon, lived in a place called Ibalon.

What is the story of Daragang Magayon?

Daragang Magayon the Beautiful Maiden Magayon grew into a beautiful woman with a sweet nature, who was much sought after by young men far and wide who competed for her affections. However she showed no interest in any of them, or even the handsome Pagtuga who was a great hunter and chief of the Iniga people.

Who is Dian magayon?

Dian Magayon, the goddess of all flying creatures. She has the power to command birds and other flying species. She also has the power of flight by turning herself into an eagle. Magayon also serves as the protector and guide of Malaya/Simeon throughout his journey in fulfilling his purpose and destiny.

Who Rescued Magayon from drowning in the river?

One day, while bathing, Magayon slipped on the rocks. As she did not know how to swim, she shouted for help. Fortunately, a man named Pangaronon (or Ulap in other versions) was passing by the river and heard Magayon’s plea for help. He saved her from drowning.

What The Legend of Mount Mayon all about?

It tells the story of a young woman, Daragang Magayon, who fell in love with an outsider, Panganoron, who had saved her from drowning. Paratuga, a rejected suitor, kidnapped the young woman’s father and demanded her hand in marriage as ransom.