Which covenant is best for prot warrior?

The best Covenants for Protection Warrior are: Necrolord > Kyrian > Night Fae > Venthyr.

  • Kyrian provides you with Spear of Bastion, which is an extremely powerful CC and damage option for Protection Warrior.
  • Night Fae gives you.
  • Venthyr gives the very popular Condemn ability, which replaces Execute.
  • Necrolord grants you.

How do I maximize DPS protection warrior?

in order to maximize your survivability and DPS….Opener for Protection Warriors

  1. Cast. Charge.
  2. Cast. Avatar as you Charge.
  3. Cast. Shield Block.
  4. Cast. Shield Slam.
  5. Cast Demoralizing Shout only if. Booming Voice is selected.
  6. Cast. Thunder Clap.
  7. Proceed with the appropriate ability priority.

How much haste should a prot warrior have?

regarding stats weight / priority Icy Veins recommends: The stat priority for a Protection Warrior is: Strength; Haste (up to 25-30%);

Do you use whirlwind as prot warrior?

It can be useful for kiting. Whirlwind – Whirlwind is available to Protection Warriors now.

How much versatility do you need for tanking Shadowlands?

Tanking @ 212.13 iLVL and 11.8% versatility – General Discussion – World of Warcraft Forums.

What stats do prot warriors need?

The general stat priority for Protection Warriors is:

  • Item level;
  • Haste;
  • Versatility;
  • Mastery;
  • Critical Strike.

Is warrior a good tank wow?

Warriors are one of the best tanks at raw damage mitigation.

Where can I find the icy veins warrior?

You can find him in the TBC Classic Warrior discords: ( Fight Club & Warrior Classic) and the Icy Veins Discord . You can also see him live on Twitch. Burning Crusade Classic: Overlords of Outland Is Now Live!

Where can I find the icy veins in TBC?

You can find him on the Classic Warrior , Mage and Shaman Discords, as well as the Icy Veins Discord. New player interested in TBC – Boost or level?

Is there a PvP guide for protection warrior?

If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic Warrior PvP guide. 1. Protection Warrior and tanks in general are oftentimes considered niche specializations for PvP, and especially arena. This is no different in the current patch, however, Protection Warrior have on multiple occasions been capable of reaching Rank 1.

What makes a good protection warrior?

Protection Warriors excel in fights with high amounts of physical damage, or where mobility is needed. Much of the damage they take is mitigated through blocking, making their damage intake smooth and predictable.