Which has higher lattice energy NaCl or CsCl?

CsCl has more ionic bonds than NaCl. The lattice energy is directly proportional to the ion charge and inversely proportional to the radius of the atom. The radius of Cs+ is now much greater than Na+ between NaCl and CsCl, even though CsCl is more ionic, but there is still more radius and thus less lattice energy.

What is the lattice energy of CsCl?

Consider CsCl, which has a primitive cubic lattice with one ion occupying the corners of the cube and the other ion located in the center of the cube. The lattice parameter is a = 412.3 pm, the Madelung constant is 1.763, and the compressibility is 5.55×10–11 m2/N.

Why CsCl lattice is less stable than NaCl?

NaCl structure is more stable than the CsCl structure because of the following reasons: 1)The electronegativity increases from left to right in the periodic table and decreases from top to bottom. 2) If the difference between the electronegativities of the elements are more, then they are said to be more unstable.

Which has higher lattice energy LiCl or CsCl?

Lattice energy depends on the size of ion and it decreases with increase in size. The size of alkali metals increases from Li to Cs. LiCl has highest lattice enthalpy.

Which has the larger lattice energy NaCl or CsI explain?

Lattice Energy is directly proportional to the Charge on ion and inversely proportional to radius of atom . Now in between NaCl and CsCl the radius of Cs+ is way more than Na+ , even though CsCl is more ionic but still radius is more and hence the lattice energy is less .

Why does NaCl have a higher lattice energy?

MgO has higher lattice energy because each ion carries two unit charge whereas in NaCl each ion carries one unit charge.

What is the crystal structure of CsCl?

Caesium chloride or cesium chloride is the inorganic compound with the formula CsCl. This colorless salt is an important source of caesium ions in a variety of niche applications….Caesium chloride.

Crystal structure CsCl, cP2
Space group Pm3m, No. 221
Lattice constant a = 0.4119 nm
Lattice volume (V) 0.0699 nm3

What is the enthalpy of formation of Caesium chloride?

b) Given that the enthalpy of sublimation of cesium metal is 78.2 kJ/mol, the enthalpy of formation of solid CsCl is -443.0 kJ/mol, and the ionization energy of cesium is 377 kJ/mol, by using approprate data from the text, calculate the lattice energy for CsCl (in kJ/mol).

Why the CsCl structure is different from NaCl?

CsCl and NaCl do not adopt identical crystal packing arrangements because the Cs + ion is considerably larger than the Na + ion. In a cesium chloride crystal, the cesium ion (orange) occupies the center, while the chloride ions (green) occupy each corner of the cube. The coordination number for both ions is 8.

Why is cesium chloride more stable than NaCl?

Solution : It may be remembered that higher the value of the C.N., more will be forces of attraction in the closely packed cations and anions and, thus, greater will be the stability of the crystal lattice. Cesium chloride has higher C.N. `(8:8)` than in sodium chloride `(6:6)` and is therefore, more stable is nature.

Which of the following NaCl KCl LiCl CsCl has the highest magnitude of lattice energy?

So, the correct order of lattice energy is CsCl.

Which has the larger lattice energy NaCl or CSI?

So, NaCl has more lattice energy than CsCl.