Who can collect ability recovery?

Ability Recovery Services, LLC (ARS) is a debt collection agency based out of Dupont, Pennsylvania. They collect debt in all 50 states for the following types of businesses: higher education institutions. telecom.

Does ability recovery do pay for delete?

This type of negotiation, known as a pay-for-delete, can help you get Ability Recovery Services to stop reporting the debt. You may even be able to get away with paying less than your full balance.

Is NRS a collection agency?

NRS is a “premier” debt collection agency that is governed by the FDCPA.

Will Ad Astra recovery services pay for delete?

Offer a Pay-for-Delete Agreement You’ll send Ad Astra Recovery Services a pay-for-delete letter in which you make your proposal. You’ll agree to pay the debt in full in exchange for Ad Astra Recovery Services removing the collection account from your three credit reports.

What is NRS credit report?

Nationwide Recovery Service (NRS) is a debt collection agency located in Cleveland, Tennessee with a corporate address in Norcross, Georgia. NRS specializes in healthcare-related services. You may see NRS listed on your credit report as a collections account. This can happen when you forget to pay a bill.

Who does Nationwide credit collect for?

As a collection agency, we represent our clients in the government, utility, health care, and credit union sectors to collect funds from past-due accounts. We are calling you in an attempt to reach you regarding your overdue account.

How do you pay ARS collections?

For added convenience, you can also make a payment through our Automated Payment System by calling (844-PAY-ARS2) / (844) 729-2772.

How do I opt out of Ars?

Prescreen Opt-outs allow you to request that information maintained by ARS be excluded from lists used for generating unsolicited offers of credit.

  1. To request for a temporary opt-out (5 years), you must mail your Name and Address.
  2. To Request for a permanent opt-out, you must mail your Name, Address, and Signature.

Who does Ad Astra Recovery Services collect for?

CURO Group Holdings Corp. 2
Who does Ad Astra Recovery Services collect for? Ad Astra Recovery Services collects unpaid consumer loan debt exclusively for CURO Group Holdings Corp. 2 Specifically, CURO operates under the following brand names: Speedy Cash.