Who dies in Cinderella phenomenon?

Cinderella Phenomenon may be a romance game but it will make you cry.

  • Lucette’s childhood is shown through flashbacks that get sadder and sadder with every route.
  • All the guy’s backstories have some measure of heartbreak in them.
  • Rod’s Bad Ending: Rod dies from his curse, fading away while you beg him to stay.

What is karma curse Cinderella phenomenon?

Karma has the Fairy Tale Curse from Beauty and the Beast. This curse causes any (uncursed, non-fairy or non-witch) woman who sees his face to fall in love with him (Beauty). He typically dresses as a woman to avoid this. Additionally, if he is to fall in love with a woman in return, he will transform into a Beast.

How can we save Cinderella phenomenon?

There is no auto-save feature so remember to save your game before exiting.

What order does the Cinderella phenomenon go in?

The recommended order to play the routes as plot can increase slowly but gradually would be as follows :

  1. Rod’s Route.
  2. Karma’s Route.
  3. Rumpel’s Route.
  4. Fritz’s Route.
  5. Waltz’s Route.

Is Fritz a Varg?

He serves as the heroine’s personal guard and is the son of the highest knight in the Order of Caldira, Sir Alcaster. His Fairytale Curse is the Little Red Riding Hood curse, which causes him to transform into his alter ego and polar opposite under the alias of Varg.

How do I change my name in Cinderella phenomenon?

Lucette Riella Britton, better known as Lucette, is the character you play as in Cinderella Phenomenon. Her name can be changed if it is not to your preference. She is the crown princess of Angielle….Lucette.

Lucette Riella Britton
❖ Debut ❖
First appearance Ice Princess

Is Cinderella phenomenon evermore worth it?

Even though it’s not free IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH IT if you loved the original game. Especially because the routes are relatively short I’ll just talk briefly on what happens in the route. This should be a pretty spoiler free review with minimal spoilers to the original game!

How long does it take to finish Cinderella phenomenon?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 10 8h 23m
Main + Extras 5 12h 22m
Completionists 43 20h 17m
All PlayStyles 58 17h 33m

Is Cinderella Phenomenon free?

About Cinderella Phenomenon. Developed by Dicesuki, Cinderella Phenomenon is a free-to-play visual novel, available for the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. It is an otome, a story-based video game that focuses on romantic relationships.

How long is Cinderella Phenomenon?

How long is Cinderella phenomenon?

How Cinderella should have ended?

– Rom com Pretty Woman celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this week – Julia Roberts plays a prostitute and Richard Gere, a wealthy businessman – A very different ending was intended for the modern update on Cinderella

What is the true story of Cinderella?

THE TRUE STORY OF CINDERELLA Once upon a time there was a rich gentleman at a Court somewhere in Europe, who was married to a beautiful lady. She bore him a daughter, but while the daughter was still quite a little girl a fever took her mother, and her father was left to bring up his daughter alone.

How did the original Cinderella story end?

Snow White. What we saw: The Queen dies falling down a cliff.

  • The Little Mermaid. What we saw: Ariel turns into a human,complete with human legs,permanently by her father,and gets married to Prince Eric to live happily ever
  • Pocahontas.
  • Tangled.
  • Pinocchio.
  • Letting in the Jungle/The Jungle Book.
  • Mulan.
  • Cinderella.
  • Peter Pan.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • How does Cinderella story end?

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