Who has played for the Dallas Cowboys?

Cowboys fans, have your hands firmly on your keyboards, because here are the top 25 Dallas Cowboys players of all-time.

  • Larry Allen. 8 of 25.
  • Danny White. 7 of 25.
  • DeMarcus Ware. 6 of 25.
  • Deion Sanders. 5 of 25.
  • Nate Newton. 4 of 25.
  • Jim Jeffcoat. 3 of 25.
  • Tony Romo. 2 of 25.
  • Terrell Owens. 1 of 25.

Who is the most famous Dallas Cowboy players?

  1. 1 – Roger Staubach. Quarterback – 1969-1979.
  2. 2 – Bob Lilly. Defensive Tackle – 1961-1974.
  3. 3 – Emmitt Smith. Running back – 1990-2002.
  4. 4 – Troy Aikman. Quarterback – 1989-2000.
  5. 5 – Michael Irvin. Wide Receiver – 1988-1999.
  6. 6 – Tony Dorsett. Running back – 1977-1988.
  7. 7 – Drew Pearson. Wide Receiver – 1973-1984.
  8. 8 – Randy White.

Who played for the Cowboys in the 90s?


Pos Player Yrs
QB Troy Aikman 1
RB Emmitt Smith* Rook
FB Tommie Agee 2
WR Michael Irvin 2

Who played for the Cowboys the longest?

Louis-Philippe Ladouceur (born March 13, 1981) is a former American football long snapper who spent his entire 16 year career with the Dallas Cowboys.

Who are the Cowboys Hall of Famers?

Six Cowboys players from Jones’ tenure of ownership have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame — Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Larry Allen and Charles Haley – while Jones has served as the presenter for three of those men: Irvin, Smith and Allen.

How many Dallas Cowboy players are in the NFL Hall of Fame?

The Cowboys, one of the most highly regarded franchises in NFL history, have a total of 29 Hall of Famers who were part of their organization for at least a year.

Who played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1996?


Pos Player GS
QB Troy Aikman* 15
RB Emmitt Smith 15
FB Daryl Johnston 15
WR Michael Irvin 11

Who was wide receiver for the Cowboys in the 90s?

Irvin was one of the “triplets”, which consisted of Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith. They were a major factor in the Cowboys winning three Super Bowls in four years during the 1992, 1993, and 1995 seasons. In 12 seasons with the Cowboys, he had 750 receptions for 11,094 yards and 65 touchdowns.

Who are some famous former players for the Dallas Cowboys?

Ricky Easmon

  • Ron East
  • Chad Eaton
  • Dave Edwards
  • Dixon Edwards
  • Kelvin Edwards
  • Mario Edwards
  • Jim Eidson
  • Ebenezer Ekuban
  • Abram Elam
  • Who is the best player in Dallas Cowboys history?

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  • Who wore number 9 for Dallas Cowboys?

    Who wore number 9 for Dallas Cowboys? Jaylon Smith. Where do the Dallas Cowboys pick in the 2021 NFL draft? With plenty of talent still available on the draft board, the Cowboys elected to go with Nahshon Wright with the 99th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. If you are unfamiliar with this name, there’s a reason for that.

    Who is number 44 on the Dallas Cowboys?

    There aren’t many players built with the same resiliency nowadays as Robert Newhouse. He was one of a kind and someone that Cowboy fans remember fondly. Among all of his incredible accomplishments, it should come as no surprise that Robert Newhouse is the Greatest 44 in Dallas Cowboys History.